Definite Article

Subject: Grammar

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Definite Article
  1. Before singular countable noun ‘the’ is used, if there is phrase and is used for noun.
    The girl in a white ribbon is a good girl.

  2. If plural noun indicates particular thing, then article ‘the’ is used.
    The boys are very wicked in Class 10.

  3. Like first and second rules, if there is a phrase in a sentence which makes particular in that case before uncountable noun, article ‘the’ is used.
    The water of Balaju is tastier than the water of Chabahil.

  4. If there is a clause in a sentence which makes it particular in that case, article ‘the’ is used before singular or plural countable noun or uncountable noun.
    The milk which I drink is tasty.

  5. If a noun indicates particular without phrase and clause, in that case article ‘the’ is used.
    Give me the duster.(that particular duster)
    Give me a duster. (any duster)

  6. If a noun is used second time, then in second time, article ‘the’ is used.
    There is a boy. The boy is a thief.

  7. Before superlative degree, ‘the’ is used.
    She is the most beautiful girl of our class.

  8. Before ordinal number, ‘the’ is used.
    He is the first boy of our class.
    (Note in Roman Number, the ordinal number is never used.)

  9. Before date, ‘the’ is used.
    on the 12th May

  10. Before musical instruments, ‘the’ is used.
    He plays the guitar.

  11. Before race, ‘the’ is used.
    The English
    The Hindus
    The Buddhist

  12. Before direction, ‘the’ is used.
    the east
    the west

  13. If a noun is single in a particular place or area, ‘the’ is used.
    go to the kitchen
    open the door
    (But if there are more doors,then a/ an is used.)
    go to a toilet

  14. If it is the only one thing in a human body, then 'the' is used.
    the heart
    the chest

  15. If it is the only one thing in the world, then ‘the’ is used.
    the sky
    the heaven

  16. If the purpose of particular thing is changed in the following thing such as school, college, court, prison, market, town, etc., then ‘the’ is used.
    The students is going to school to read.
    The student is going to the school to meet the Principal.

  17. Before office, cinema, theatre, article ‘the’ is used.

  18. After one or one of the article, ‘the’ is used.
    All the boys are passed in the exam.

  19. Article ‘the’ is used before river, sea, ocean, newspaper, bay, ancient or famous books, famous and historical buildings, heavenly bodies and before some geographical names.
    the Terai
    the Rising Nepal
    the USA
    the Hudson Bay
    the Pacific Ocean etc.

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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