Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, American War of Independence and Russian Revolution

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This note is about the Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, American War of Independence and Russian Revolution with related information and data including videos and pictures.
Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, American War of Independence and Russian Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution means manual labor replaced by the machinery.

The industrial revolution started from England. Before Industrial revolution Wool, Coal, Iron types of cottage industry were famous in England. Agriculture was the main occupation of people in England before Industrial revolution. Wool industry was the main industry of England. The law enacted for the cotton industry was in1700 A.D. John Key discovered wooden machine to weave cotton.John key discover the wooden machine in 1743 A.D. The name of wooden machine discover by John Key was Flying Shuttle. 2 persons were needed to operate the Flaying shuttle. James Hargrave discovered the machine called Spinning Jenny. 8 times faster the Spinning Jenny was faster than manual work. Water Frame machine was developed by Richard Ark Wright. Water Frame machine gave birth to the factory system. Ark Wright is known as Father of the modern factory. Mule machine was used to spin thread out of cotton. Samuel Compton discovered mule machine. India, China and Iran country there is a propitiation to bring the cotton to England. In 1785 A.D power loom discovered. Edmund Cartwright discovered power loom. The work of power loom wasWeaving. In 1779 A.D Iron Bridge was made in England. In 1810 A.D Iron ship was made in England. Haimphy Daiwil discovered safety lamp. The work of Safety lamp is Help to the work Cole mine tunnel. In 1815, A.D Safety lamp was discovered. Maedam developed Smooth road technology. In 1804, A.D first rail engine was made.

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Inventions and discover of industrial / revolution

Year (AD)




John Key

A weaver invented flying Shuttle the Wooden machine to weave cloth.


James Hardgrave

Developed the Spinning Jenny which could work eight times faster than manual work


Edmund Cartwright

Framed power loom


James Watt

Invented steam engine


Haimphy Daiwil

Discovered safety lamp



Invented railway engine


Benjamin Franklin

Invented electric power









Electric lamp



Radio and wireless were the inventions

Industrial Revolution creates a difference between capitalists and labors. China introduced paper. From China (12th century) printing system started. We understand Industrial Revolution by mechanical revolution. The first individual revolution began in the 18th century. Stephenson invented the telegraph, Faraday Bell invented the telephone, Marconi invented the wireless radio. Model of economy industrial revolution change.

Consequences of Industrial / Revolution

  • Urbanization becomes rapid due to industrialization workers are attracted by industries.
  • The society divided into two groups: Capitalist and Workers
  • The financial institution was flourished.
  • The importance of cottage industry declined.
  • Transport and communications were improved.
  • Technical schools, engineering colleges and advanced universities.
  • To get improvement in the condition of the workers and their welfare.
  • The concept of social, economic and political equality, liberty and justice began to spread from one country to another.
  • Trade unions and right of the workers were recognized and made improvement in the pass perks and safety measures of the laborers.

French Revolution:

France was the first country run after the revolution.
Charles Montesquieu belongs to France. Charles Montesquieu propounded the principle of separation of power. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was Social philosopher, Writer. Rousseau belongs for France. Rousseau said a man is born free but he is in chains everywhere. Louis XIV said I am the state, the state is I. 19 billion US$ dollars Versailles palace was built. Marie Antoinette was the Beautiful queen of Louis XIV. Marie Antoinette has 500 servants. Turgot and Javeques Necker were the two finance minister appointed b Louis XIV. Religious Political, social and economic reason, Intellectual Awakening, Influence of the American war of Independence, Tennis court oath were the reasons for the French revolution. Great philosopher Voltaire belong to France. King Louis XIV was involved from France in the war of Austria. In 1740 - 1748 A.D the war of Austria started and ended. The seven-year war started on 1756 A.D and ended in 1763 A.D. In 1713 A.D France lose its supremacy from Europe. Francelose its supremacy from Europe for Singing treaty of Utrecht. Rousseau was born in 1712 A.D. Rousseau died in 1778 A.D. Louis 16th Louis king was much responsible for bringing the French revolution. The French revolution was held in 1890 A.D. 10 Million US dollars. money spent by Louis XIV in making a place in Versailles.

Effect of French Revolution

  1. End of Feudalism
  2. Declaration of human right
  3. Development of Nationalism
  4. Freedom from tyranny
  5. Wave of change in world
  6. Napoleonic rule

Causes of French Revolution

  1. Political cause
  2. Social cause
  3. Religious cause
  4. Economic cause
  5. Intellectual cause
  6. Other causes

American war of Independence

Boston Tea Party American people to pay the tax on the tea also.
In 1773, A.D Tea Act passed by British Parliament. This act was named as Boston Tea Party This happened in Boston port. Stamp Act is Tax on the stamp.

Benefits to Britain from American Revolution

  • The British goods were also imported through the sea. This promoted British trade as well,
  • British now tried to compensate its loss of the lost American colony by concentrating more on industries than on war.
  • During the American freedom fighting the French Army Force had fought against Great Britain in a spirit of retaliation.
  • Britain weakened the position of France in India by defeating Haider Ali Khan and Tipu Sultan, the governor of My sore fighting in India in Support with France.

Causes of American Revolution

  • Political cause
  • Discriminate and strict law
  • Cause of seven-year war
  • Intellectual cause
  • Strict control in American economy by the Britain
  • Dominated culture of America by Britain
  • Influence of French philosophers4
  • Imposition of unnecessary taxes to American people
  • Boston Tea Party

Consequences of American Revolution

Causes of American Revolution are -

  • Big change in the American social life
  • Drafted and adopted first written constitution
  • America becomes independent

Russia revolution/October revolution

In 1917 A.D Russian was revolution started in Russia.

Bolshevik Party became established after Russian Revolution. In 1991 A.D Soviet Union was established. Russian have 2 Phase (The February and the October revolution) phases. Nicholas II was king of Russia during the Russian revolution. In15th March 1917 A.D Nicholas II did give up from his power. The Russian revolution was held Vladimir Lenin leadership.

Causes of Russian (October) Revolution

Causes of Russian (October) revolution are:

  • Discriminative society
  • Russia lost the war with Japan
  • Due to the First World War
  • Success of Industrial Revolution
Things to remember
  • Manual labor was replaced by the machinery is Industrial Revolution.
  • England is a first country who started Industrial revolution.
  • Before Industrial revolution like Wool, Coal, Iron of cottage industry was famous in England.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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