Moon, Asteroids and Comet

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This note is about the moon, asteroids, comet and some famous comets which includes informations, videos, pictures and data
Moon, Asteroids and Comet


Moon is Earth's only Natural satellite. It is one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar system.

The diameter of the moon is 3456 Km. The rotation and revolution period of Moon to Earth is 2713 days. Moon see sparking due to the light of the sun. The mean distance of the moon to the Earth is 384000 Km. The mass of the moon is 7.1x1022 Kg. In the moon gravity is 6 times less than in the Earth. And its surface area is3.793x107sq. miles.

Asteroids or minor planets

The asteroids are small heavenly bodies found between Jupiter and Mars.Only Mars have the definite shape. Ceres is the biggest asteroid.

The revolution period of asteroids is 4.5 years. The diameter of biggest asteroids is 1050 Km.


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Comet is the collection of gases, dust and ice which appear as a bright ball of light in the sky with a long glowing tail. There are three main parts of comets. They are - The nucleus, the coma, the tail.

Some famous comets

Name: first observed Revolution period(Earth years)

Halley Comet: 240 BS 76

Temple Turtle: 1366 33

Enke: 1786 3.33years

Bennett: 1969 1678

Shoemaker levy: 1992 20000 years

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