Notable political events and Parva of Nepal

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This note is about Notable political events and Parva of Nepal with related information, data, videos and pictures
Notable political events and Parva of Nepal

Main events and Parva of Nepal

Kot Parva (Massacre)

Kot Massacre takes place in 2nd Aswin 1903B.S. The reason for Kot Massacre was Finding out the murderer of Gagan Singh.


25 officers were killed in Kot Massacre.

600 nobles were exiled from the country after Kot massacre. Chautaria Fateh Jung was the prime minister of Nepal during Kot massacre. Rajya Laxmi was indirectly responsible for the Kot massacre.

Bhandarkhal Parva (massacre)

Bhandarkhal massacre takes place in 12th Kartik, 1903B.S. Bhandarkhal massacre occurred in Basantapur palace. Queen Rajya Laxmi was banished in 23rd November 1846 A.D to the Kashi. Rajya Laxmi was responsible for Bhandarkhal massacre. The reason for Bhandarkhal massacre was To kill Jung Bahadur Rana.

Alau Incident (Parva)

Alau massacre took place on 27th July 1847 A.D. Rajendra Bahadur was responsible for the Alau massacre.

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Anglo-Nepal war

Anglo-Nepal war starts on 1st November 1814 A.D. 2nd December 1815 A.D Anglo-Nepal war come to an end.

Before Anglo-Nepal war Herbs, honey, musk, Musk pod, cardamom, saffron, copper, iron, wood stuff Nepal used to export to India. Sugauli treaty was sing in 2nd December 1815 A.D. Governor, General Lord hasting declare war against Nepal. Butwal and Suraj are considered as the immediate cause of Anglo-Nepal war.

Delhi Agreement and the End of 2007 revolution

King Tribhuvan departed to Delhi in 21st Kartik, 2007 B.S. Gyanendra was declared as the king in the absence of King Tribhuvan. India country played as the mediator for the agreement. The agreement was Tripartite dialogue in 2007 B.S accomplished. Prof. K.I.Singh protested for the Delhi agreement. The slogan in protest against Ranarchy was Long live democracy & down with tyrannical Ranarchy.

Political Events from 2007 B.S to 2017 B.S

2007 B.S united council of a minister of Rana and Nepali Congress was formed. The united council of minister approve the Interim Legislation in 17 Chaitra, 2017 B.S. 25th Kartik, 2008 B.S all ministers resign from the Congress panel. 14 member cabinet 14 member cabinet. Matrika Prasad Koirala was formed 14 member cabinets leadership. Nepal Praja Parishad (people council) established was 20th Jestha, 1993 B.S. Dr. K. I. Singh was against the Matrika Prasad Koirala Government. Bhim Datta Panta raised the voice on the ownership of land. After the failure of Nepali Congress Consultative government was formed for the second time by King Tribhuvan. 5 memberswere there in consultative government. 5 members of the cabinet was formed for the third time after the failure of consultative government. 12 secretaries were appointed for the third government. Matrika Prasad government dissolve on2011 B.S. Matrika Prasad government dissolve Due internal disputes and maintaining peace in nation.King Tribhuvan was die in 2011. Tanka Prasad Acharya was new cabinet formed by King Mahendra. In 1212 B.S the new cabinet formed on the leadership of Tanka Prasad Acharya. Tanka Prasad Acharyas cabinet was dissolved in 6 months. Tanka Prasad Acharyas cabinet was dissolved leadership the new cabinet was formed after the dissolvent of Tanka Prasad Acharya Cabinet. Tanka Prasad Acharya Cabinet was dissolve in 2012.Chairmanshi Suvarna Shamsher was the government again constituted. 21st Marga, 2014 B.S was government constituted under the chairmanship of Suvarna Shamsher. Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2015 was promulgated on 2015 B.S. The first election was held in 2015 B.S. 74 seats were won by Nepali congress out of 108 seats. Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala was the first elected prime minister of Nepal. Nepali Congress is the oldest party in Nepal. 1st Poush 2017 B.S B.P Koirala imprisoned by King Mahendra. Article 55 was used by King Mahendra to dissolve parliament.

Political Events from 2017 to 2036 B.S

1st Poush 2017 B.S King Mahendra from a cabinet on his own chairmanship. Panchayat system was declared in 22nd Poush 2017 B.S. 1st Poush 2019 B.S the constitution of Nepal announced publicly. Durgananda Jha threw the bomb to explode the vehicle of the king Mahendra. the bombing incident is known as Janakpur Incident. Durgananda Jha throw the bomb to explore the vehicle of the king Mahendra in 2018 B.S. 3 (Durgananda Jha, Arabinda Kumar Thakur, Dal Singh Thapa) were announced to be exiled to throw the bomb to the king Mahendra vehicle. The punishment given to Durgananda Jha was Hung Till death. Lifelong detentionthe punishment given to Arabinda Thakur and Dal Singh Thapa. 2023 B.S the first amendment of the constitution of Nepal 2019 made. National campaign for back to village was implemented on 2024 B.S. King Mahendra was die 2028 B.S.

Jhapa was insurrected in 2028 B.S. 2029 B.S Kiritindhi Bista was the prime minister of Nepal when Singha Darwar in Ablaze. In 2031 B.STimbarbote incident in Okhaldhunga.Theslogan in the second amendment of the constitution of Nepal wasPolitics for development.the second amendment of the constitution of Nepal 2019 made in26th Mangsir 2032 B.S.2036 B.Sthe movement against panchayat system started by the student. The Kingannounce the referendum in10th Jestha 2036 B.S. 15 member National Election commission was formed after the announcement of the referendum.Bhagwati Prasad Singhwas the Chairman of National Election Commission. Theelection of the referendum was held in20th Baisakh 2037 B.S.Panchayat system won in the election of the referendum.

Political Events from 2037 to 2048 B.S

2.4 million Votes were secured by Panchayat panel. 2 million votes were secured by multi-party system panel. The election for Rashtriya Panchayat (parliament) was held in 2038 B.S. Surya Bahadur Chand became the prime minister after the Rashtriya Panchayat (parliament) election. Piskar massacre took place in 2040 B.S. Piskar massacre take place in Sindhupalchowk district. Lokendra Bahadur Chand became the prime minister after Surya Bahadur Thapa. The bomb was exploited Asar, 2042 B.S in Kathmandu.National conference of the congress Activists was held in 5 to 7 Falgun, 2046 B.S. The movement of 2046 was started on 7th Falgun, 2046 B.S. Ganesh Man Singh was the commander of the movement. Lokendra Bahadur Chand was the prime minister of Nepal in 2046 movement.

Political Events after 2046 B.S

Multi-party democracy system was established 26th Chaitra, 2046 B.S in Nepal. 3rd Baisakh, 2047 B.S were Panchayat policy Investigation committee and its sister organization dissolved. leadership interim cabinet was formed by Krishna Pd. A general election was held in 2048 B.S. Theconstitution of Nepal-2047 was declared in 23rd Kartik, 2047 B.S. Nepali Congress party secured the majority in a general election. Manmohan Adhikari became 9 months Prime Minister. Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) did start an armed struggle in 1st Falgun, 2052 B.S. King Birendras' dynasty collapsed in the massacre of Narayanhity Royal place in 19th Jestha, 2058 B.S.

18th Ashoj, 2059 B.S King Gyanendra take the sovereignty in his hand. Article 127 of the constitution of Nepal 2047 King Gyanendra took the sovereignty in his hand. King Gyanendra take hold of the Sovereignty in his hand by detaining all the political leaders in 19th Magh, 2059 B.S.

After holding sovereignty in his hand King Gyanendra himself chairmanship government was formed. The massive public movemen was started in 24th Chaitra, 2063 B.S. 11th Baisakh, 2063 B.S sovereignty power retuned to Nepalese people. massive public movement run 19 days. After getting the sovereignty Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime minister of Nepal. Girija Prasad Koirala become the republic Nepals Prime Minister in 14th Baisakh, 2063 B.S. 2nd Ashadh, 2063 B.S the seven-party alignment and CNP Maoist sign on the 8-point agreement. Thecomprehensive peace agreement held between the government of Nepal and CNP Maoist in 5th Mangsir, 2063 B.S. 25 people became the martyr in Peoples Movement- II. 21st Jestha and 13th Baisakh 2063 B.S were the dead people on Peoples Movement-II declared martyr.

Things to remember
  • Main events and Parva of Nepal:
    -Kot Parva (Massacre)
    -Bhandarkhal Parva (massacre)
    -Alau Incident (Parva)
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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