Geography of the World

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This note is about the Geography of the World and its informations including videos and the pictures.
Geography of the World

Geography of World

Geography means to study about the Earth. The word "Geography" is derived from the Greek language. Eretistanis is the father of Geography and Friedrich Ratzel is known as the father of human geography.

Geography can be derived mostly in two categories. They are - Material Geography & human Geography.

Hittner said that Geography is a Science of relationship. In the world of Geography, The 18th century is known as the age of new discovery.

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Things to remember
  • Geography’ mean to study about Earth.
  • Eretistanis is the father of Geography
  • types of geography:
  • Material Geography
  • Human Geography
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Videos for Geography of the World

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