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Geography of the World

This note is about the Geography of the World and its informations including videos and the pictures. Learn More

Formation of the Earth.

This note is about the Formation of the Earth including related videos, images, informations and data. Learn More


This note is about the informations about the continents including the videos and related pictures. Learn More

Asia Continent

This note is about the Asia continent including videos, pictures and informations with all data. Learn More

Australia continent and informations

This note is about Australia continent, its informations including related videos and pictures. Learn More

Africa and zoo of the world.

This note is about Africa continent and zoo of the world with all the informations, videos and pictures including Learn More

North America

This note is about North America including informations, data with pictures and videos. Learn More


This note is about Antarctica continent with informations, data, videos and pictures. Learn More


This note is about Europe and its informations including data, videos and pictures. Learn More

Ocean and its types

This note is about ocean and its types which includes several informations, datas, videos and pictures. Learn More


This note is about pole and its informations with videos. Learn More

Latitude and Longitude

This note is about latitude and longitude including the informations, data, videos and pictures. Learn More

Informations of Time Zone

This note is about the time zone and its types including the videos, data and related picture. Learn More

Top ten highest Mountains of the World.

This note is about top ten highest mountains of the world including height and location with related videos. Learn More

Ecology, Bio-diversity, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Environment Management

This note is about the information of ecology, bio-diversity, sustainable development, climate change and environment management with all the related data and videos. Learn More


Earthquake is the sudden movement of the ground (earth) due to the release of the strain (elastic energy) of the ground. The intensity of the earthquake is measured in two different scales. One is Richter scale and another is Modified Mercalli Index (MMI). The collision of the tectonic plates results in the earthquakes. There are three different types of faults, strike-slip, normal fault and thrust fault also called reverse fault. The several earthquakes that are recorded in or near Nepal are in Kumaon 150 Learn More

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