Flowchart and algorithm development

Subject: Computer Basics

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  • Notes 4
  • Videos 8
  • Exercises 22
  • Practice Test 16
  • Skill Level Medium


This lesson covers following topics:
  • Definition and properties of the algorithm 
  • Flowchart symbols and their uses
  • Examples of efficient algorithm and flowchart
  • Conversion of algorithm/flowchart to high-level languages



This note explains what alogorithm is. Learn More


The step by step solution of a problem in a picture form is known as flowchart. This note explains what flowcharts are. Learn More

Conversion of algorithm/flowchart

Example to convert algorithms and flowchart to high level language C. Learn More

Conversion of algorithm/flowchart 2

This note is second example of algorithm/flowchart conversion Learn More

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