Computer Networks

Subject: Computer Basics

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This lesson covers following topics:
  • Introduction to computer networks, email and internet.
  • Computer network Models/architecture
  • Network topologies


Introduction to computer networks

Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. This note explains what a computer network and its type based on size and purpose. Learn More

Network Topology

The arrangement or connection patterns of computers or nodes or devices used in the network is known as network topology. There are five types of common network toplologies. Learn More

Network Architecture Model

There are 3 types of network architectures which are Centralized network, Client Server Network and Peer to Peer Network. This note provides an information about network architecture model. Learn More

Internet and Email

The internet is the largest network that connects millions of computer around the world. It is also known as networks of networks. This note gives the basic concepts about the internet and its services. Learn More

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