How does a computer work?

Subject: Computer Basics

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Computer architecture is the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer system. By reading this note you can know about how does a computer work.
How does a computer work?

Most of the digital computers are organized something like this:

  • This represents the high-level view of the parts of the computer system and how they relate with each other.
  • The control unit is at the core of this system and is responsible for controlling every other parts on this system.
  • It reads an instructions from the "Program Instructions" and executes it.
  • If there is some math or logic to be applied during the execution process, it will send the necessary information to the Arithmetic and Logic Unit (often known as the ALU), and get an answer back.
  • Executing the instruction may involve reading something from the Data Memory; taking data from an external Input device (like a keyboard or a mouse); or writing something to an external Output device (like a display or a printer), or back into the Data Memory.

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Things to remember
  • The control unit controls every part of the computer system.
  • The control unit interacts with ALU, data memory and input units to execute program instructions.
  • ALU stands for Arithmetic and Logic Unit.
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How do computers work?
Questions and Answers

ALU comprises numbers of accumulators or resisters on its constructions. All the data from the memory directs by control unite gets loaded in ALU. It is one of the very important parts of the CPU. The primary task of the ALU is to perform various arithmetic and logical operations of the program.

Output unit is the unit through which all the results are given out by output devices.

Any two functions of control unit are as follows:

  • It performs the data processing operations with aid of program prepared by the users and send control signals to various parts of the computer system.
  • It gives commands to transfer data from the input device to the memory to arithmetic logic unit.

Control unit is the unit which controls the entire system of computer. That unit directs all operations inside the computer. It will make a proper sequence to direct the data and instructions from the memory to ALU for precise operations performed by ALU.


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