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The effort of human beings to perform a particular task and produce good and services are called labour.The greatest important of labour in national development , its prime need is to train labours and produce in national need and opportunituties .

Labour refers to do physical work. The efforts of human beings to perform a particular task and to produce goods and services. For example digging field, carrying loads, working in factories etc. Labour includes both physical efforts covering from paddler to doctor , engineer to teacher , managers to professors , cooks to waiters etc.

According to A . H. Smith " Any activities directed towards earning wealth for survival is included in labours."

Both the physical and mental activities which are about earning wealth or a money are called labour. The person who directly or indirectly are involved in labour activities is called labourers or workers . According to Labour Acts 2048 - Worker means a person employed on the basis of remuneration. To work in any machinery , any building or any part of there used for any production process includes worker working at price race. The definition says that the person who get salary by doing some scheduled or unscheduled work is worker but the production doesn't matter but the action or the matters. There are different types of work which now a days people they do daily to earn


Types of labours

Labour is divided into three different types . They are explain below:

A. Skilled and unskilled labours : The labour which required special skill, training , knowledge respective to education is called skilled labour . For example : doctor , pilot , teacher , engineer etc. Where as the labour which doesn't need special education and training is called unskilled labours. For example : digging field , carrying bricks etc.

B. Physical and Mental labour: The work where the body is mostly used to do work ia called physical work. for example : farmer , labours etc . Where as mental labours refer to mental power which is required to do work . That need more mental exercises .

C. Productive and Non - productive labours: The activities which benefit to the society or whole nation respective to education is called productive labours . For example work done by the farmer , teacher , doctor etc. Where as the all the illegal activities are categorised at non-productive labour. For example : all the robbery , theft ,etc.

Important of Labours

When there will be good labour then the financial position of a country is determined and mobilised. To develop a country we need all kind of labour skilled , semi- skilled and unskilled . The production of goods and services is not imagine without labour. Due to proper mobilisation of the labour, we can best use the resources to meet the unlimited need and demands of the people. The labour is only the most active means to mobilisation of the labour, As a result , it brings substantial change on people .We can explore more surplus production so that we will be earning foreign currency.The economical activities will increase and can developed overall development of a nation.

In Nepal , we produce approximately more than 4 labourers yearly .We mobilise the properly labours. We will have very less years to see a prosperous Nepal. But now a days our labours are leaving Nepal to abroad for jobs and developing other country or foreign land . So , this trend has been timely addressed and opportunities should be created here in Nepal to stop it.

Respect to Job

People they do different types of job to earn their living . Due to lack of enough capital , dearth of skilled manpower and political instability etc are the main causes of poor utilisation. It has resulted unemployment and the problems is being severe .

People they look or they judgment according to their job or the work they do is rampant in Nepal or in Nepalese society .Jayastithithi Malla has divided the class as per their work which is still being practice. This is wrong and not good culture . Work should be equally respectable . No work is higher and lower in itself ,it should depend on what spectacle do we use to see. We should develop a culture to value all the work equally .

The job of a security guard is equally important as of manager in the bank because if a guard of a bank cannot ensure the security and job of a manager remains incomplete .We have seen Nepalese as well reluctant to do low-quality jobs here in Nepal but they are ready to in abroad .Being honest , if a person are ready to be security guard in abroad then why not in Nepal . This is the main reason we are far behind in term of advancement .Let's take an example of Europ , a professor teaches in the university during office hour and he is readyto be securiyguard in the evening .It's all because they respect all the jobs equally .practice is there in most of the developed countries. People of different developing countries are still immature and simply literate but not educated in this regard. So that we should change ourselves and change our out look and respect all works and people belonging to different job.


Things to remember
  • Any activities directed towards earning money or wealth for survival is included in labour  where as the person who directly or indirectly are involved in labour activities are called  labourers or the worker.
  • Due to lack of enough capital ,dearth of lack of main power and the main cause of poor utilization .
  • All work should be treated equally.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Labour refers to the efforts of human beings to perform a particular task and to produce goods band services.

The types of labour are as follows :

  • Productive and Non-productive labour
  • Skilled and unskilled Labour
  • Physical and Mental Labour

Productive and Non-productive labour:

The legal activities or actions which benefit to the society and as whole the nation is called productive labour.for example farmer,doctor,teacher etc and the illegal activities or actions are categorised as non-productive labour.e.g robbery,theft etc

Skilled and unskilled Labour:

The labour which required special expertise,skill,knoweledge,training as a whole respective to education is called skilled labour for eg doctor,lawyers,pilot etc.The labour which doesnot require special education and training is called unskilled labour.for example digging fields,carrying bricks,sand etc

The labour is only the most active means to mobilize the passive factor and resources for production and development so that Production is not possible without labour


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