Skeletal System

Subject: Science

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After completion of this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the function of the human skeleton.
  • Classify the bones of the human skeleton with the description of major bones.
  • Describe the main types of joints present in the human skeleton.


Skeletal System

All the bones are covered with a thin and delicate membrane called the periosteum which contains blood vessels to nourish the bones. The cartilage of larynx helps in speech. This note provides us the information about skeletal system, functions of the skeletal system and structure of bones. Learn More

Appendicular Skeleton

The skeleton which is present in the lateral side of a body is called appendicular skeleton. Humerus is situated in the upper arm and one in each limb. Pelvic girdle supports and protects the abdomen, urinary bladder, reproductive organs etc. This note provides us the information about appendicular skeleton. Learn More

Axial Skeleton

The skeleton which is present at the axis of the body is called axial skeleton. The skull consists of the bones of the head and it is divided into cranium and facial bones. Trunk consists of bones of the vertebral column and the thorax. The vertebral column supports the head, helps in upright posture and locomotion. The first cervical vertebra is called atlas which supports the globe-like head.This note provides us the information about axial skeleton and information about types of bones or bones of the tr Learn More

The Joints

A joint is a place at which two or more bones meet in the skeleton of the body. Movable joints are also called synovial joint as it contains synovial fluid. Synovial fluid reduces friction at the movable joints. This note provides us the information about joints and its types. Learn More

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