Natural Disaster

Subject: Science

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  • Notes 2
  • Videos 5
  • Exercises 9
  • Practice Test 12
  • Skill Level Medium


After completion of this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain reasons, effects and prevention of natural disaster ( landslide, flood, earthquake, volcano and hurricane)


Glacier Lake Outburst and Cyclone

The hurricane is the migratory tropical cyclone that originates over the ocean in certain regions, near the equator. This note provides us the information about cyclone with its causes and effects and about glacier lake outburst. Learn More

Natural Hazard

The disaster caused by nature are called natural disaster. Disasters like the earthquake, volcano, tsunami, etc are the some examples of natural hazards. This note provides information about natural hazards, man- made hazards with its management and about glacial flood with its causes, effects and preventive measures. Learn More

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