Lifecycle of Some Insects

Subject: Science

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  • Notes 3
  • Videos 6
  • Exercises 20
  • Practice Test 15
  • Skill Level Medium


After completion of this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the structure and life cycle of a mosquito with a diagram.
  • Describe the structure and life cycle of a silkworm with a diagram.
  • Prepare a list of advantages and disadvantages of insects in human life.



The body of mosquito is divided into three parts. They are head, thorax and abdomen. The abdomen of mosquito possesses an anal opening and a genital opening. This not provide further information about structure of mosquito.

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Life Cycle of Mosquito

The life cycle of mosquito completes in four phases. They are eggs, larva, pupa, adult mosquito. The complete life cycle from eggs to adult takes ten to seven days. This note provides us the information about life cycle of mosquito and disease caused by mosquito. Learn More

Difference between Culex and Anopheles Mosquitoes

This note provides information about differences between culex and anopheles mosquito with respect to egg, larva, pupa and adult. Learn More

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