Population, Environment and Development

Subject: Enviroment Population and Health

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Population, Environment and Development


Indicators of Developments

Development indicators show the progress that has been made in a particular area, such as health education or gender equality . Indicators of development helps to find out progress of the country. Learn More

Development of Human Resource

The main concept of human resource is to make the qualified staff of the organization.According to Robbins ,Human resource development is a process of four functions: acquisition , development , motivation and maintenance of human development.The main function of human resource is to improve performance and ability of a worker who work in the office.It give designed to employees . Learn More

Relationship Among Population, Environment, and Development

Development, Population, and Environment are interrelated to each other. Development is a dynamic process of positive change or progress. Development is sometimes defined as an economic progress.Similarly, infrastructures of development refer to the basic requirements availed to economic and social development. This note provides information about the relationship between population, environment and development and infrastructure of development with its various aspects. Learn More

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