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utrition is one of the most important elements in determining whether a human being will have a physically strong, mentally alert and emotionally balanced existence. This note provides information on quality food and causes of low quality food and its adverse effect
Quality Food

Introduction to Quality food

Nutrition is one of the most important elements in determining whether a human being will have a physically strong, mentally alert and emotionally balanced existence. The person with poor nutrition is susceptible to infection and less resistance to disease. The illness becomes more serious and ends in earlier death in persons with poor nutrition. Proper nutrition of the people makes the nation stronger. In fact, the food that eats becomes a part of our body. The greatest single factor in the production of good health is the kind of food. The consumer should be well aware of the quality of food. Therefore, the food substances having proper nutritional values, appropriately prepared, attractive, tasting good, free from toxic substances and pathogens, free from unwanted mix up, fulfill requirements of health and supplies fuel for energy to carry out life and daily work is known as quality food. In short, we may say that the food substances accepted according to government regulations and fulfilling the basic requirements of the individual health may be classified as the quality food.

Low quality food

Food is a precious commodity; too precious to waste. Yet contaminated food is one other most common cause illness. In general, food is required for the maintenance of health, and for the fulfillment of needed energy and heat. Thus, the food must be safe, harmless, and uncontaminated. Besides this, their nutritive values must be maintained. However, the food is sometimes mixed with low quality substance, artificial substance, and color, chemical, adulterated, and prepared unhygienically. Thus, the food and food substances which do not have the nutritive values and quality due to the contamination, adulteration and ways of preparation or use of artificial means is called the tainted or low quality food.

In fact, is has been observed that food supplies, producers, distributor and merchants try to earn more profit by their malpractice. In this process, food is tainted and negatively affects health and leads to illness. In substances, chemicals and less nutritive values and adulteration decrease the quality of food and these types of tainted food have the negative effect on the health and create health hazards among consumers.

Causes of low quality food and its adverse effect on health

Consumption of low quality food causes an adverse effect on our health. We fall sick and become very weak if we consume low quality food due to many reasons. Some of them are given below:

  1. Food Adulteration: Adulterated food is one that contains low quality substances or the substances which are fatal to our health. Mixing mustard oil with soya bean oil, mixing stone pebbles and dust in rice, high-quality fine rice mixed with coarse rice, etc. are a large number of food adulteration. Adulteration of food refers to a large number of unwise practices such as mixing, substituting, concealing of the quality, putting of decomposed food, giving false labels, etc. When farmers put more insecticides in their field crops in order to increase production, such crops are contaminated with insecticides and become very dangerous to the health of the people when consumed. Some profiteers add even toxic substances in the food materials, which may take the life of people when eaten. When people eat fresh food mixed with stale food, it causes diarrhea, dysentery, and even cholera. Adulteration in medicine produces many hidden toxic substances that may lead us to our death if consumed.Therefore, we should be fully aware of the quality buying and be eating food. We should check their quality and make necessary inquiries if we suspect any adulteration in food. It is a high time for all of us to work collectively and discourage such bad practices.
  1. Food making attractive with color: The concept of adding none- food substances to food products is not new. Various now- nutritive substances are added internationally to improve the appearance of products. Sometimes, coloring agents are used in uncontrolled or indiscriminate quantity it may pose health hazards to consumers. In fact, the merchant or businessperson uses various colors to make the producers look attractive or improve its appearance. Adulterated food may cause allergy, throat or mouth infection, inching sensation, vomiting, poisoning, blindness, and sometimes this may even lead to death.
  2. Food without nutritive elements: Some food items look very attractive and people buy them due to their attractive value. However, they may lack nutrients and nutritional value. Overcooked food, food prepared from solid, non-juicy part of the fruit after refining it and food mixed with artificial smell are not- nutritive foods. We can make our stomach full of these kinds of food items of such kinds of foods but we do not get nutrition from them. Therefore, continuous intake of this food causes malnutrition. These types of food make adverse affects on our health. Tinned food having the date expired and the food items, which are not conserved safely, create negative effects on our health.
Things to remember
  • Nutrition is one of the most important elements in determining whether a human being will have a physically strong, mentally alert and emotionally balanced existence.
  • The food which do not have the nutritive values and quality due to the contamination, adulteration and ways of preparation or use of artificial means is called the or low quality food.
  • Food Adulteration, food color,and food without nutrition makes food quality low.
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Questions and Answers
Quality of food refers to those foods which contains nutritious value. Quality foods are fresh, hygienic and healthy. Quality foods are beneficial to individuals as it provides complete nutrition. Quality foods are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. But quality food should be balance.
In market we find varieties of quality of foods such as digestive biscuit, mega mass etc. generally, quality foods are indicated by a green circle symbol inside a square box printed at products.

The causes of low quality food are as follows:

  • Non-nutritive food: Non-nutritive foods are those foods, which are adultered, unhygienic to eat and contaminated. The food becomes non-nutritive due to over cooking, cutting food in small pieces etc.
  • Adulteration: Adulteration is a process or malpractice that consists of mixing, substitution, canceling information about quantity and quality of goods and services, giving false labels, misbranding and so on. Such food functions as a slow poison in our body.
  • Attractive and colored food: producers use different non-edible colors to attract consumers. Mixing such non-edible is harmful to the consumer's health. In some circumstances advertisement also advocates false information regarding functions and content of food items to attract consumers.
The various practices of food adulteration are as follows:
  • Mixing: Mixing is the process of using low quality sugar in honey, expired ghee in sweets, small white pebbles in rice etc.
  • Substitution: Substitution is the process of using low quality ingredients than original ones. Example of substitution is use of unrefined oil instead of ghee.
  • Use of decomposed food: Decomposed food substances can be used in the goods that require processing and having short term expiry.
  • Use of preservatives: Use of preservatives means to use many chemicals to keep food fresh for a long time. But such chemicals are not favorable for human health.
  • Colored food: Foods are added color to make them look attractive. Such colors are harmful to our health and also it reduces the quality of food.
A quality food is a food containing high nutrition value. It is fresh, healthy any hygienic to eat. Quality food enhances resistance power of a body.
The following are the causes of low quality food:
  • Non nutritive food
  • Adulteration
Instants foods are discouraged because it has less nutritive value.
Kwashiorkor and Marasmus are the diseases caused due to lack of nutrients.
Use of chemicals to preserve food causes cancer and internal problems. It may also reduce fertility.

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