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The practice of quackery can be mentioned as under:Quack doctors and medicinal personnel, Overdose and over medicine and use of hard and expired medicine. This note provides you with the various effects of quack medicines on human health.
Health Service and Medicine

Effects of quack medicine on health

Medicine and medical system play a vital role in improving status of people. In this regard, doctors and medical personnel have a major role for the diagnosis and proper treatment of the patient. They are regarded as the god by the patients because they save the life of thousands of people. But, nowadays, this holy profession has also been affected by increasing global commercialization. It fact, it is the greed and mercantile nature of human beings that quackery practices are increasing day to day.

The production and distribution of foul and duplicate medicine has been creating big problems in the society. he medicines that we require are easily available in the market. Sometimes when prescribed medicines are not available, the pharmacists give other medicines in substitute. It is actually a wrong practice. Every time, we should take the medicines as per the advice and prescription of the doctor. Only then the disease can be cured on right time with right dose. Medicine from pharmacy according to their own will or on the suggestion of a layman is very dangerous to our health. Similarly, the dose of medicines should be used, as per the suggestion of a doctor. Otherwise, the treatment may not be effective and more powerful medicines are required later for the same problem. Nowadays, a lot of fake medicine are produced and sold by profit oriented and bad people. These medicines are very dangerous and fatal to our health. These medicines, rather than curing people, create side effects and harmful reactions. Therefore, instead of curing, fake medicines increases illness. Along with fake medicines consumers must be aware of quack doctors who virtually have no knowledge of treatment but assume themselves as doctors and do the wrong treatment to the people with the help of fake certificates. They make them normal. The practice of quackery can be mentioned as under:

  1. Quack doctors and medicinal personnel:Quack doctors do not have necessary qualification and training. They do not have actual academic certificates but produce proxy one. The problems are created in health sectors when treatment is provided by these people having little knowledge. We all know that little knowledge is dangerous. Some people in Nepal, every year by the wrong treatment given by quacks doctors.
  2. Overdose and over medicine:Quack doctors prescribe more than one medicine for an illness which can be cured by one type of medicine. They do not have proper diagnosis skill and think that at least one medicine can work if the patient is given types of medicine. It means they are not sure about the illness as well as treatment. As a result, patients have to buy only costly medicines unnecessarily but also face more side effects. It degrades the health of the people.

  1. Use of expired medicine:Quack doctors give expired medicine to the people. Each packet of medicines has manufacturing and expiry date but open medicines do not have such dates. Quack doctors normally use open medicines which are already expired. There is strict warning in the packet of medicines that expired medicines should not be used at all.

  1. Use of Hard medicine: Quack doctors give heard medicines to cure the illness very quickly. Some hard medicines cure fast. They leave a lot offside effects on our health. Even good medicines are harmful if we do not use them according to the direction and prescription of the doctor. The result of quack medicine is more severe and fatal. On the on hand quack medicine does not have appropriate elements to cure the illness and on the other hand, enough quantity of required elements is not mixed. Therefore, such medicines are extremely harmful to our health. We use quack medicines unknowingly as we are entrapped by a quack doctor. Some medicine companies bribe doctors by offering a huge amount of money to get their medicines sold. We must try our level best to avoid quack doctors and medicines.

The following measures can be taken to get rid of quackery:
  1. Always us medicines as per the prescription of a genuine doctor.
  2. Complete the dose of the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Use only prescribed medicines.
  4. Visit the most reliable doctor in case pf any illness.
  5. Make other people aware of the lessons that we have learnt about quackery.
  6. Do not take any and buy medicines on the basis of the advertisement given TV, Radio, etc.
Things to remember
  • The production and distribution of foul and duplicate medicine has been creating big problems in the society.
  • The practice of quackery can be mentioned as under:Quack doctors and medicinal personnel, Overdose and over medicine and use of hard and expired medicine.
  • Some measures which can be taken to get rid of quackery are:Always use medicines as per the prescription of a genuine doctor,Complete the dose of the medicine as prescribed by the doctor and Use  prescribed medicines only.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers
The things to be considered are given below:
  • Only use the medicine prescribed by qualified doctors.
  • Consult with the family doctor or authorized doctor.
  • Take the medicine as prescription and in such quantities as prescribed.
  • Complete dose of medicines should be taken.
  • Duplicate medicine and alternative should be avoided unless prescribed.
  • We should not rely on advertisement of medicine.
Suppliers, producers, government and consumer themselves are responsible for the protection of consumer health.
The full form of DOTS is Direct Observation Treatment System.
Expiring date should be first considered while purchasing medicine.
Three things to be mentioned in a product are:
  • Name, address and trademark of producers.
  • Description of raw materials and nutrients contained.
  • Information about maintaining date, expiry date and batch number.
Food Act, 2023 BS explains the standard of quality of foods and medicine and their distribution.

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