Effects of Quack Medicine

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Quacks doctors use expired medicine due to which patients have to suffer from various kinds of problems. This note provide us the information about effects of quack doctors and medicines.
Effects of Quack Medicine

Medicine play significant role in our health. Medicines are easily available in the market. Medicine seller gives medicine in market, but it is wrong and harmful practice. Medicine should be only given as suggested by doctors. Nowadays a lot of fake medicines is produced and sold. Such medicine is not suitable for our health and causes bad effects in our health.

We must have to be careful about quack doctors also. Such doctors are careless towards consumers health.

The quackery can be mentioned as follows:

Quack doctors are not skilled:

Quack doctors are not qualified doctors. They do not have standard academic certificates. Problems is created when health service is provided by the persons without expertise on related field because health is sensitive sector.

Overdose and over medicine:

Quack doctors use more than one medicine for an illness which can be cured by one types of medicine. They do not have proper skill and feel that at least one medicine might cure diseases. Patients have to buy not only costly medicines but have to face various serious diseases and problems.
Use of expired medicine:
Quacks doctors use expired medicine due to which patients have to suffer from various kinds of problems. New types of illness are created because of such medicines.
Use of hard medicine:
Quack doctors use lots of hard diseases to cure diseases immediately. Some people are entrapped by quack doctors and use hard medicines. Such medicines may cause various serious problems.

Steps to get rid from Quack doctors

The following advice are useful to get rid from quack doctors:
  • Always use medicine according to the suggestion of doctor.
  • Complete the dose of medicine given by doctors.
  • Get examined by familiar doctors.
  • Never use the medicine only based on advertisement.
  • Pass your experience to others to make them conscious.
Things to remember
  • Quack doctors are not qualified doctors.
  • Quacks doctors use expired medicine due to which patients have to suffer from various kinds of problems.
  • Quack doctors use lots of hard diseases to cure diseases immediately.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

Quacks are unprofessional and untrained health worker. They are not professionally trained and even haven't got minimum qualification to be a health worker. They take fake certificate to cheat the ordinary people. They use such medicines which have a huge amount of commission; sometimes they sell the misbranded medicine of smugglers. Quacks often recommend a number of non essential medicines to the patients because they cannot diagnose the real cause of disease and prescribe medicines for all the probable causes. So, quacks are great threat to consumer health.

Quackery can be explained in the following points:
  • Over dose of medicine: It refers to the intake of medicines more than needed. Quacks prescribe consumers to take medicine more than needed and compel them to buy more medicine. It is injurious to health.
  • Use of date expired medicine: Quacks are untrained persons. They lack knowledge about the date of expiry of medicine. They may prescribe such medicines to patients. It may cause death of patients. Thus, the consumers are instructed to buy medicines seeing the date.
  • Use of unnecessary antibiotics: Antibiotics are very strong medicines. It should be taken at a fixed interval and as prescribed by doctors. But overdose of antibiotics causes weakness, nausea and sometimes death. Antibiotics should only be taken under the guidance of doctors.
The ways to identify weather medical personnel are quacks or not are given below:
  • Qualification and degrees possessed by person.
  • Consulting about the person with known health personnel.
The two function of inspection officer are:
  • To provide consumer education and create awareness in consumers.
  • To help in regulating supply of essential goods.
Quacks are nonprofessional and untrained health workers. They are not qualified enough to be treat patients.

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