Caring for Earth

Subject: Enviroment Population and Health

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Lesson Info

  • Notes 3
  • Videos 20
  • Exercises 45
  • Practice Test 20
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to :
  • Explain the Introduction to the earth.
  • Give components of caring for the earth.
  • Describe the characteristics and features of earth.
  • Give some reasons for the caring of the earth.
  • Explain major program and local efforts for caring of earth.
  • Define some of the efforts that can be launched at the local level.


Introduction to The Earth

The earth is the common home of so many species of animals and plants that exist. It is made up of the hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere. The main objective of caring of the earth is to help the earth in a sustained way by conducting different programmes. This note provides us information about components of earth, how to conserve earth and need for caring of the Earth. Learn More

Earth as A Living Planet

There are different kinds of living creatures on the earth because of distinct geographical structures and climate. This note contains brief information and description about the earth and its traits. Learn More

Major Programmes and Local Efforts for Caring of Earth

Major Programmes for Caring of Earth are environmental planning, worldwide conservation strategy, awareness Raising Programmes, national conservation Policy and public participation. This note provides us with the information about man and earth and major programmes that are carried out locally for caring for earth. Learn More

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