Ram's letter to his Sister

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A brother who lived in city wrote a letter to a sister who was in the village about terms and circumstances in grade ten. He told her that how should she study and explained the importance of grade ten.
Ram's letter to his Sister


Kathmandu, Nepal

8 August 2016

Dear Uma,

I got your letter three days ago. Sorry, I couldn't reply sooner because of some work, but I am writing you now. I am thankful to you that you told me all about your family and home. I am doing excellent here and thinking about returning home during my vacation. I am delighted to know that you wish to learn about grade ten.

As you have requested me, I am giving you some information and suggestion on how you can do well in grade ten.

Grade ten is the bridge to higher secondary grade and this grade is really important and valuable for a lifetime. There are similar subjects in ten like in grade nine. Every subject is important. In our days we called grade, then " The Iron Gate" because we need hard work to open it. You need to pass it to get entrance to higher study. All people consider this grade as a prime level of secondary school. Several extra classes and coaching classes are essential in this grade. Teacher gives full concentration and attention to every student and study will get little harder than of grade nine'.

For this grade, you need to focus from beginning and give full attention to your study cause it is the key to the higher grade. I was pretty conscious about my study and I did my best at that level, which advanced me to further levels. There are several examinations in this grade such as Unit tests monthly which will improve your capability, First terms. Second terms, Third terms , Test exams, and Final exam. Before the final, you will give many examinations by which you will be analyzed.

All you need to do is be sure and focus on your study. Don't take it hardly just assume that it is only one level up. Marking system has been changed since 2072 to GPA.

Going through your letter, I can understand that you want to learn about grade ten, but you should remember that grade nine is the base of grade ten so you should start from now. Don't wait for tomorrow because time does not wait for anyone.

Hope I have been able to suggest the ways you could improve your study. I know you will do excellent and you will achieve great marks in grade ten. As I come home, I will bring some extra books to you which will help in your study. That's all for now. Looking forward to your next letter.

Sincerely Yours,


Things to remember
  • The letter is written by a brother to his sister.
  • Uma asked her brother to explain about grade ten.
  • Ram wrote some information and suggestion about grade ten.
  • Garde ten is "The  Iron Gate" of life.
  • Ram explained how important and valuable is grade ten.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers


Accomplished = Excellent

Crucial = Essential

 Consideration = Attention      

Aware  = Conscious  

Skills = Capability      

Advocate = Suggest


On August 8, 2016, at Kathmandu, Nepal this letter was written.

Grade ten is called iron gate because it is hard os we need to work hard to open it.

Ram will come home on vacation and he will bring some extra books for his sister .

The writer was pretty aware of his study and did his best in that level. 

Teacher gives full concentration and attention to every student.




He got her letter

three days ago.

Marking system

has been changed since 2072 to GPA.

There will be a test exam

before final exam.

All people consider

this garde as a prime.



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