An Accident

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A role is played on the basis of some character about an accident. Accident takes place on the bus on the highway. The bus was pushed away from a truck by backside.
An Accident


Sita: 15-year-old girl

Shyam: Sita's elder brother

Hari: Sita's father

Gita: Sita's mother

Dirgaraj: Front seater

Sujit: Backseater

Setting: at 1:00 , Saturday afternoon Bhadra 20, 2072 BS, Sita and her family are travelling in a bus to enjoy the weekend. Suddenly bus was hit by a truck from back. The bus starts drifting away from the road. Everyone screams.


Sita: Daddy!(She is about to cry)

Shyam: Ohh no!Mummy (He screams loudly)

Hari: Everyone stay calm! (He control all passenger in the bus)

Gita: It's alright! It's alright! (She composes Shyam)


People are scared and trying to jump off from the bus. The bus has stopped drifting.

Sita:Oh no what is going to happen now? (Scared )

Shyam: Oh god! Please save us!

Hari: Nothing is going to happen the bus is just slipped a little bit and we are fine now. Calm down sweetie.(He catches Sita's hand tightly)

Gita: I think it's over now don't worry Hari.

Dirgaraj: Everyone!don't run, be calm it has stopped now. (Stops people from jumping off)

Sujit:Yeah don't rush. (Raises his hand to settle everyone)


Finally, the bus stopped from drifting. Some people are hurt other are settling down.

Hari: We are good now. We should look out for the people who got hurt. ( He gets up from seat to look for hurt people.)

Sujit: Hey look here he is badly hurt. I need some help here. ( Getting hurry)

Dirgaraj: (Calling for an ambulance) Hello! I need an ambulance right now at Kurintar. (Line disconnected)

Gita:Let's get out of the bus. (Catches Sita and Shyam's hand and gets off from the bus)

Shyam: Thank god! We're safe.(Cools down)

Sita: Ohh I think I'm going to vomit. (Gets off from bus and starts vomiting)


All people gets off from the bus. Injured people were helped by others. Ambulance arrives. Injured people are being rescued.

Hari: Are you okay Sita? (Walks towards Sita)

Sita: I am absolutely fine daddy.(smiles)

Sujit: Thank god! No one is badly hurt. People should have patient. We shouldn't lose our patient. We could get hurt if we run everywhere. We have to be together in the situation like this. Only then we can be safe.

Dirgaraj: Yeah! Everyone was scared and running everywhere. I stopped some people from jumping off. I am happy that no one is hurt badly. (Says to people)

Gita:I was so scared. We saw the death by an inch!

(All injured people were taken to the hospital. Everyone is safe and calm)

Things to remember
  • An accident took a place in a bus on the highway.
  • Sita's family were travelling in the bus.
  • At last, No one was badly hurt.
  • People learned how to react in the situation like this.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers

Shyam was very panicky. He screamed many times calling the god and he was scared more than others.

According to Sujit, we should not lose our patient and run everywhere. We should stay together.

Injured people were rescued by the ambulance.

Accident occurred because the bus was hit by a truck from the back side.


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