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The argument is important to know about the various thing and to make a great decision. to know A discussion held in-between friends in seek of latest and to be satisfied from what you have.
An Argument

Go through the views in the boxes below and find the answer to these question.

Sujit: Wow! Shreya, a new pair of shoe? The last week I saw another one and today it’s new. Aren’t you stressing your parents like this? Don’t you get satisfy by anything? You should learn to be satisfied with what you have.

Shreya: Excuse me! I’m not giving any kind of stress to my parents. And yeah this is not about the satisfaction. We should change with the world. We should seek for the latest in this word. Without it world will be nothing.

Sharmila: Yeah.. ! you are correct but we should not forget to smile from what we have. The satisfaction is a way to progress your achievement.

However, being latest will improve our status around others. So we should improve our self as much as we can.

Sunil: Guys come on! Don’t make a mess to yourself. It seems to be a chicken and egg situation to me but I totally support Sujit at this time. I will give a great example of the man, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai who has the quality of self-satisfaction with the great modern thought. He failed several times to built nation in a good way but he never gives up. He always satisfied himself from what he achieves. Now he is an ex-prime minister and at his time he built the nation in a rapid way.

Sherya: Humans cannot be flatter and always nosy for latest things. The development of the world from the Stone Age has been possible only due to in need of new things . If we moved as Sujit advocate us we will be ambitionless intelligent animals.

Sujit: I beg your pardon. If you only go for latest and new things then a day will come when you will be alone without anyone in this world. You won’t be satisfied by anything and you’ll go blind in need of modern things. You should be satisfied with what you’ve got. Which you possess now is the part of your success. I strongly recommend you to be happy by satisfying yourself.

Dibash: This will never end. Let’s go guys,we are getting late.

Things to remember
  • This discussion is held between friends.
  • Opponents are Shreya and Sujit.
  • Shreya is talking about the latest things whereas sujit is talking about the satisfaction.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers

Shreya possesses new things because she believes that we should adopt with the world.

By saying that it seems to be a chicken and egg situation Sunil mean to say that it is impossible to win by taking one side as we know that we can't say which one come first egg or chicken.

According to Sujit, Shreya will be alone because of her unsatisfaction habit.

If I was one of the friends of Shreya, I would support Sujit because  I liked his thoughts on self-satisfaction.


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