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A family discussion is happening in the text. Gaurav and Naresh are brothers and Sisir is their father. Two of them are arguing about their choices and father is trying to make them calm. At last, father solved their discussion and all get back to work.
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( Gaurav and Naresh are two brothers. They are in the middle of their vacation of school. Their father Sisir, is making some snacks for them. Gaurav is exercising on the floor. Naresh is doing homework. Library invitation card is lying on the table. All of sudden, Naresh sees the invitation card his mouth stays open. )

Naresh: Yes! Only five days until the library opens. ( pointing at Gaurav) A paradise! Gaurav! Come out, get up from that floor and let's see the invitation and play some quiz.

Gaurav: (in unhappy voice) I know, but it's vacation now don't make me sad. I want to make my health as much as I can on this vacation. I'm sorry. I can't join you. Is it okay if we discuss this after our vacation?

Sisir: (Arrives) Hey! (grunted) Are you going to argue unnecessarily?

Naresh: Dad! Of course not!

Sisir: Oh Naresh, I appreciate ! You are excited about the opening of the library of your school, aren't you?

Naresh: (smiles) Yes, dad.

Sisir: (Start serving snacks) You don't need to hurry about that. In fact, you are a brilliant student. You'll get the membership for sure.

Naresh: (arrogantly) Hmmm. Absolutely, but I am excited to explore more interesting books in the library.

Gaurav: Oh, I see (mutters)

Naresh: (goes near Sisir) You know dad there will be lots of books in that library. Our teacher promises us to include some extra interesting books. (looking at Gaurav) One can enjoy better than exercising.

Sisir:You should give your attention to physical development too. Only the books can't make you healthy. Think about that.

Naresh: I loathe doing exercising anytime. Look at my scores in past exams and the quiz! It's all possible because of my passion for study. I enjoy reading books. I love consuming myself into the books.

Gaurav: (madly) I know ! You want to say that I am doing these exercise redundantly! My brother , don't forget what is important for your life. You can decide yourself. Do what you want to do. For me, my body and health is far more important than the books. I exercise my body, You read books...

Sisir: ( father interrupts) Can you please stop this altercation? At this point, you both are correct and wrong. Gaurav, you have to focus on study. And Naresh, you need to do some exercise for your health.

Naresh: Okay,dad. Is it alright if I borrow a book to read now?

Gaurav: If so, may I continue my exercise now? I'm getting warm.

Sisir:Yes for today. both of you do your work as you like and stop arguing.

Naresh: Sure! I am already on the 5th page.

Gaurav: Yeah! I am getting ready.

Sisir: alright then! Keep doing. (smiles)

(All get busy)

Things to remember
  • Gaurav and Naresh are two brothers. 
  • They are in the middle of their vacation of school.
  • Their father Sisir, is making some snacks for them.
  • They are discussing about their choices.
  • Father is making the situation.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers

Naresh and Gaurav are different from each other because they both have different thought as well as different interest.

I think exercise is more important than the library because health is the most important thing in our life.  By exercising health can be improved and many diseases can be solved by exercising so exercise is more important than the library.

Both library and exercise are important in our life because we should improve our health as well as our brain.

Naresh is happy because after five days a library is opening and they promise him to include some extra interesting books.

Gaurav enjoy doing exercise anytime and being physically fit and healthy.


  1. Is it alright if you return by bike?
  2. Is it alright if I request you to drive us there?
  3. Is it alright for us to go on your car?
  4. May I wear my new hat?
  5. May I go for practice now?
  6. Would it be possible for us to go on your car?
  7. Would it be possible if you return by bike?
  8. Would you mind if I request you to drive us there.
  9. Would you mind if you return by bike?
  10. Is it okay for us to go on your car?
  11. Is it okay for us to go on your car?

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