Computer Hardware

Subject: Computer

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  • Notes 4
  • Videos 20
  • Exercises 54
  • Practice Test 59
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to:
  • Describe processing hardware.
  • Write the list of storage devices.
  • Explain the output hardware and input devices.


Input Devices

Data , instructions and program that help to perform some processing on computer are called Input. keyboard, scanner , joystick, light pen are some input devices. This note contains a brief description on input devices. Learn More

Output Hardware

There are different devices used to provide result to the user are called output devices. Popular output devices are printer, monitor, and plotter etc. This note contains detailed description on output hardware. Learn More

Processing Hardware

Processing is a procedure that transforms raw data into meaningful information. This note contains description on processing hardware of computer. Learn More

Storage Devices

Magnetic tape is the most popular storage medium for long time storage medium for long time storage. This note contains more information on storage devices. Learn More

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