Status of Employment in Nepal

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The state of having paid work is called employment. People get cash as their salary or wages for their work. This note has information about the status of employment in Nepal.
Status of Employment in Nepal


The state of having paid to work is called employment. People get payment as their salary or wages for their work and performance. That moneycan be earned in a certain interval or duration that may be an hour, a day, a week or a month. Employment opportunity is given to a people of definite age group. People between the ages of 15 to 59 can be included in this group. The people of this age group are known as economically active people. Such age group differs according to the country.

Employment is the basis for the survival of people’s lives. The employment status of any country depends upon the employment capacity of which the numbers of people are employed. Employment can be divided into various economic activities such as agriculture, industry, trade, construction, service etc. Similarly, employment can be explained by dividing it into internal and foreign employment. Many people are engaged in income generating activities by setting up their own business which is known as self-employment. The state in which people are not getting a job though they have education, knowledge, skills and age is called unemployment.

The status of employment of Nepal





Employed population



Unemployed population



Inactive population



The family involved in agriculture sector



The population involved in non-agricultural sector


Problems related to employment

  1. There are no employment opportunities for the manpower evolving every year.
  2. There is no production of human resources who have skills and knowledge according to the need of time.
  3. There is no sufficient number of employment information centers.
  4. Those people who go overseas for employment don’t get proper information about the countries and its rules and regulations.
  5. Those people, who are in a foreign land for employment, don’t get proper salary or wages according to their work and working hours.
Things to remember
  • The state of having paid work is called employment.
  • People get cash as their salary or wages for their work. Such money is earned in certain interval.
  • There are no employment opportunities to the manpower evolving every year in Nepal.
  • There is no production of human resources who have skills and knowledge according to the need of time in Nepal.
  • There is no sufficient number of employment information centers in Nepal.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

The primary means to alleviate poverty is employment. People, get income from employment which will promote their standard of living and the poverty is slowly reduced. But without employment, there will be no earnings. In order to reduce poverty, long-term employment opportunities should be created by enhancing thecompetitive capability of poor and marginalized people. In this way, poverty can be reduced.

Following can be the strategies adopted to promote employment:

  • Increase production-oriented employment opportunities in order to reduce unemployment.
  • Create diverse industries- both manufacturing and service oriented industries through the involvement of private sectors, multinational companies, donors, etc. to provide adequate employment opportunities to the people.
  • Create employment by launching various programmes in mountain, hills and Terai based on small loans, focused to generate income of suppressed, women, madhesis, disabled, etc.
  • Provide soft loans and make employment more productive by providing skills, training to the youths, poor and targeted groups.
  • Self-created employment such as handicrafts, items, hotels, cottage industries, etc. should be encouraged.

Due to lack of sufficient job opportunity in an internal labour market, about 800,000 youths have gone overseas till Asar 2064. People earning money in a foreign land can get a job easily and improve their skill.Besides, the family of the people having foreign employment can afford the good quality of life. So, people are attracted to foreign employment.

Nepali people are employed in following places in foreign countries:

  • Companies and factories
  • Hotels, lodges, restaurants and houses
  • schools and colleges
  • communication
  • labour forces, etc.

The importance of foreign employment in Nepal can be stated as below:

  1. It has reduced the problems of unemployment.
  2. It has earned remittance.
  3. It has increased the national income and thus investment.
  4. It has decreased poverty.
  5. It has developed skill and technology in Nepal.
  6. It has helped for the development of our country.
Each of our development regions which are linked almost south to the north is more or less resourceful. According to the creation of development regions, if honest and fair implementation is made along with the utilization of resource, there will be no lack of employment opportunities for the people because tourism, agriculture, and other things have great prospects for us. The number of people can involve in various money generating activities in many sectors.

We do different types of work. We people are from different background. Some are educated whereas some are uneducated. This has made the great difference in judging the people. Whether we do job or business, that is an essential need for our survival. But treating people in terms of their works is certainly felt meaningless because more or less we need the service of each other. For example, a doctor may be considered superior but to him, a simple farmer is equally necessary. The doctor has to depend upon the food crops produced by be fed with the foods/crops produced by the farmer, a king is highly honorable than a farmer, but he has to be fed with the food/crops produced by the farmer. So, what we should know that there should be the 'dignity of labor' then only all works become valuable and people become respectable. We are dependent on a different nature of workers, but we hate and treat inhumanity which is beyond the spirit of humanity.

Unemployment is like a black cloud for the economic improvement of the country. It brings diminishment to the economy. This does definitely bring a hazardous problem. Various determinants factors are there for the occurrence of this problem. They are-
  1. The government hasn't made favorable policy addressing the unemployment.
  2. The service-oriented companies or industries haven't been much established.
  3. The service-providing companies or industries often suffer from political and other obstacles.
  4. Many people lack skillful training to be well employed.

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