Cell and Tissue

Subject: Science

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  • Notes 4
  • Videos 15
  • Exercises 45
  • Practice Test 27
  • Skill Level Medium


Upon completion of this lesson, students must be able to:

  • Define cell as a nit of life.
  • List different cell organelles with their functions.
  • Differentiate prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • Differentiate animal and plant cells.
  • Explain structure, locomotion, nutrition and reproduction in amoeba.


Epithelial Tissue

The tissue which covers the body surface, organs, ducts, blood vessels etc. is called epithelial tissue. This note provides us an information about epithelial tissue. Learn More

Animal Tissue

A group of animal cells with similar size, shape and specific functions are called animal tissues. This note talks about muscular, connective and nervous tissue. This note provides us an information on animal tissue. Learn More

Plant Tissue

Tissue may be defined as a group or layer of similarly specialized cells which together performs certain special functions. A group of plant cells performing essentially the same function and common to the similar structure are a plant tissue. This note provides us the information about plant tissue and its types. Learn More

Interrelationship Between Cell, Tissue and Organs in Human Body

The cell is the simplest and the smallest unit, capable of carrying all the life activities. This note provides us an information about cell, tissue and organ. Learn More

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