Subject: Health and Physical Education

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  • Notes 8
  • Videos 23
  • Exercises 37
  • Practice Test 39
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Play many games like football. volleyball, cricket, kabbadi and more.
  • Follow the rules of games.
  • Define activities before playing games.



Basketball is played by two teams of 5 players each. It is played in a rectangular court. At the end of each court, backboard are fixed with the rings on it. This note provides the general information about basketball. Learn More


Football is played between two teams and it consists of 11 playing members in a team. This note has information about football how it is played and some skills required to play football.

Learn More


Volleyball is the game played by two teams consisting 6 players. This note has information about volleyball how it is played and some skills required to play volleyball. Learn More


Port ball is also played like basketball, the objective of it is to score a goal into the basket. This note briefly describes port ball game. Learn More


The game in which team with the ball passes the ball among teammates or try to gain a point by hitting on an opponent is known as dodge ball. This note has information about dodgeball. Learn More


Kabaddi is a game of a team. The game is played for 15 minutes each half with 5 minutes interval. This note briefly explains the rules of the kabbadi game. Learn More

Kho Kho

In kho-kho, one team is the chaser team and the other team is the runner or defending team. After a certain time, runners switch and play as chasers and vice versa. This note describes the general method and rules of the kho kho game. Learn More


Any cricket team consists of 11 players each. Both play a 2 innings game either batting or bowling. This note briefly describes the method for playing cricket and rules of cricket. Learn More

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