Environmental Health

Subject: Health and Physical Education

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Lesson Info

  • Notes 3
  • Videos 14
  • Exercises 22
  • Practice Test 17
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to :

  • Define relation between  health and environment.
  • Describe methods of water purification, filtering water.
  • Define the solid waste materials and pollution.
  • Methods of preventing air pollution.



Methods of Water Purification

Water is a necessary element for living organisms to survive. Consumption of impure water causes various diseases. This note is about environmental pollution, the relationship between health and environment, diseases that transmit through contaminated water and air, water pollution. Learn More

Solid Waste Materials and Pollution

The solid waste materials like paper, plastics, etc. come out of our house regularly. If it is not possible to manage properly or if dirt is thrown everywhere carelessly then the environment gets polluted and affects the health. This note provides information about solid waste materials and its management along with pollution. Learn More

Interrelation Between Health and Environment

Human depends on the environment for their survival. Nature or the environment provides all resources required for mankind. This note clearly explains the relation of health and environment. Learn More

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