Words Often Confused

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This note explains about the words that are confusing.

Words Often Confused
  1. Accept :- to agree, to take: We do not accept credit cards.
    Except :- Every student expect Nilima was present in the class.
  2. Accident :- something unexpected, usually tragic in nature: My car was damage in an accident
    Incident :- some ordinary event: Tell us some interesting incidents of your life.
  3. Advice (noun) :- We must follow the advice of our teachers.
    Advice (verb) :- The teacher advised me to be punctual in the class.
  4. Angle :- It is better to be a good human being than an angel.
    Angle:- A right angle measures ninety degrees.
  5. Bail:- security: The accused was releasedon bail.
    Bale:- bundle: Fifty bales of cotton are lying in the godown.
  6. Bare:- uncovered, naked: The dog laid bare its sharp teeth.
    Bear:- to tolerate: I cannot bear so much pain.
  7. Berth:- a bed on a train or a boat: We got two berths reserved in the Rajdhani Express.
    Birth:- What is your date of birth?
  8. Beside:- next to, by the side of: We sat beside the window and talked.
    Besides:- in additional to, as well as: Besides being a distinguished scholar, she is also a good dancer.
  9. Brake:- The driver applied the brakes in time.
    Break:- This vase is made of glass. It can break easily.
  10. Cattle:-cows, bulls, buffaloes, etc.: The cattle are grazing in the field.
    Kettle:- The kettle is full of hot tea.
  11. Check:- to look at something carefully to ensure that it is right: The teacher has checked all the notebooks.
    Cheque:- My father sent me a cheque for five hundred rupees.
  12. Cite :- to quote: She cited many examples to prove her point.
    Sight :- view: The train left the station and soon disappeared from sight .
  13. Coarse :- rough: Villagers often wear garments made of coarse cloth.
    Course :- path: The river is changing its course; a series of lessons: We had finished all our courses by December.
  14. Complement :- that which completes: Point out the complement of the verb in sentence.
    Compliment :- to express regards: I complimented Nanu on her fine parformance.
  15. Custom:- Many old customs should be changed now.
    Habit:- Going for a daily morning walk is a very good habit.
  16. Dairy:- We buy milk from a government dairy.
    Diary:- We should not read anyone's personal diary.
  17. Die:- Very few people die of tuberculosis now.
    Dye:- The shirt was dyed green.
  18. Feat:- an action that shows great skill or courage: The pilot amazed everyone with his daring feats.
    Feet:- Tight shoes have caused blisters on my feet.
  19. Heal:- to cure: Deep wounds take longer to heal.
    Heel:- The heel of this shoe is completely worn out.
  20. Idle :- without work: Time is precious ;so don't sit idle.
    Idol :- image: Many Hindus worship idols.
  21. Loose :- the opposite of 'tight': Children should always wear loose clothes.
    Lose :- Where did you lose the bag.
  22. Peace:- A nation can progress only during peace time.
    piece:- I want piece of paper to write a letter.
  23. Pray:- We pray to God daily.
    Prey:- victim: The jackal fell a prey to the lion.
  24. Quiet:- silent, peaceful, still: Children, please keep quiet.
    Quite:- I found the questions quite easy.
  25. Root:- Root is the most important part of plant.
    Route:- Our school bus does not go by this route.
  26. Sail:- Soon the ship sailed away and got out of sight.
    Sale:- These goods are not for sale.
  27. Sore:- painful: She is suffering from a sore throat.
    Soar:- to fly high: The kite soared over the treetops.
    Sour:- sharp and bitter taste: Lemons have a sour taste..
  28. Tail:- The monkey uses its tail to hang from branches.
    Tale:- story: Children are fond of fairy tales.
  29. Vain:- fruitless: all our efforts to get a suitable house proved vain.
    Vein:- a blood vessel: Veins carry impure blood to the heart.
  30. Way:- She lost her way in the forest.
    Weigh:- How many kilograms does this box weigh?

Things to remember

Words Often Confused

  • accept
  • except
  • accident
  • incident
  • coarse
  • course
  • heal 
  • heel


  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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