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This note provides the information about the sentence and its types.


Sentence- A group of words which gives us complete sense is called a sentence.There are 5 types of sentence.

Types of sentence

1. Assertive sentence- state or assert something. Eg; Archi is a vegetarian. Her father doesn’t eat meat.

2. Interrogative sentence- ask question Eg; which class are you in? Are you tired?

3. Imperative sentence- express command, gender, suggestion, warning or request. Eg; Do exercise daily Don’t tell lies

4. Optative sentence- express wishes, blessings, curses, greetings, prayers, etc. Eg; May you live long! May god help us!

5. Exclamatory sentence- express sudden feeling or emotion. Eg; What a clever boy he is! What a lovely weather!


Things to remember

Types of sentence:

  • Assertive sentence
  • Interrogative sentence
  • Imperative sentence
  • Optative sentence
  • Exclamatory sentence
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers

Neg – Riya can’t ride a bicycle.

Int – Can riya ride a bicycle?

Neg – His father isn’t working in the field.

Int - Is his father working in the field?

Neg – They won’t have arrived home by now.

Int – Will they have arrived home by now?

Neg – The boys haven’t won the match.

Int – Have the boys won the match?

Neg – They don’t work after dinner.

Int – Do they work after dinner?

Neg – He hasn’t left the place yet.

Int – Has he left the place?

Neg – Anu won’t call the kids in for lunch.

Int – Will anu call the kids in for lunch?

Neg – They aren’t afraid of spiders.

Int – Are they afraid of spiders?

Neg – Kiran and mona weren’t sick.

Int – Were kiran and mona sick?

Neg – They weren’t hanging out at the mall.

Int – Were they hanging out at the mall.

Neg – The girls haven’t completed the work yet.

Int - Have the girls completed the work yet?

Neg – The child can’t crawl easily.

Int – Can the child crawl easily?

Neg – I haven’t invited any of my friends.

Int – Have I invited some of my friends?

Neg – Mina wasn’t having a big do for her birthday.

Int – Was mina having a big do for her birthday?

Neg – Kunal hasn’t fried any onions.

Int – Has kunal fried some onions?

Neg – They weren’t listening to the story teller.

Int – Were they listening to the story teller?

Neg – He didn’t cut the apple with a knife.

Int – Did he cut the apple with a knife?

Neg – The dogs weren’t chasing any cats.

Int – Were the dogs chasing some cats?

Neg – His brother wasn’t exempt from the final exam.

Int – Was his brother exempt from the final exam?

Neg – No animals are inactive during the daytime.

Int – Are some animals inactive during the daytime?

Neg – Mina doesn’t wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Int – Does mina wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning?

Neg – The bus doesn’t leave at 6 o’clock.

Int – Does the bus leave at 6 o’clock?

Neg – Eather doesn’t read me a story every night.

Int – Does eather read me a story every night?

Neg – They don’t like going to the cinema.

Int – Do they like going to the cinema?

Neg – He doesn’t need a change.

Int – Does he need a change?

Neg – Nobody stole his book.

Int – Did somebody steal his book?

Neg – The child didn’t wept bitterly.

Int – Did the child weep bitterly?

Neg – His brother doesn’t do his homework himself.

Int – Does his brother do his homework himself?

Neg – They mustn’t wear their uniforms.

Int – Must they wear their uniform?

Neg – Anu and bina doesn’t get up late in the morning.

Int – Does anu and bina get up late in the morning?

Neg – Swastika doesn’t lends money to everybody.

Int – Does swastika lends money to everybody?

Neg – Tom doesn’t come to see us every weekend.

Int – Does tom come to see us every weekend?

Neg – We never play tennis.

Int – Do we often play tennis?

Neg – He didn’t saw any boy in the park.

Int – Did he see some boys in the park?

Neg – Mum won’t cook mutton tonight.

Int – Will mom cook mutton tonight?

Neg – They don’t read a lot of story books.

Int – Do they read a lot of story books?

Neg – His family didn’t move into a new flat.

Int – Did his family moved into a new flat?

Neg – Riya’s car didn’t broke down yesterday.

Int – Did riya’s car break down yesterday?

Neg – Those old people don’t need help.

Int – Do these old people need help?

The cat scratched her hand.

These instructions are clear enough.

I have already completed my work.

She liked sitting here.

She holds a british passport.

Life exists in other planets.

The burglar stole something valuable.

There were many boys in the programme.

Her friends studies hard.

He will buy some books.

Grandma’s situation is serious.

She puts the meat in the fridge.

He has already finished his work.

They want to join us.

She did something last week.

They have studied hard.

His brother can drive this car.

Aff: I always asked you to do it.

Aff: There is some sense in doing that.

Neg: It doesn’t matters whether we won or lose.

Neg: Don’t shut the door.

Neg: Don’t put glue on both the surfaces.

Neg: Neither mina nor mona can solve this puzzle.

Neg: She didn’t get me a glass of water.

Aff: The sentence contain an auxillary verb.

Neg: Don’t get out of here.

Int: Did his excellent performance surprised everyone.

Neg: My clothes weren’t washed very well.

Neg: They weren’t asked to show their passports.

Neg: My doctor didn’t told me to take these vitamins.

Neg: Don’t send her a nice gift.

Neg: They never go swimming.

Int: Is cricket a popular sport in India.

Neg: don’t stop talking.

Neg: Tina didn’t shout at her sister.

Int: Did Anita look pretty in that dress?

Neg: Sabnam didn’t meet sudha yesterday.

Int: Did he want to take the bus to Pokhara.

Int: Did sony give me her old book?

Neg: They won’t have arrived home by now.

Neg: Goma doesn’t do any housework.

Neg: They don’t know my brother Rahul.

Int: Did he mopped his forehead with a handkerchief?

Neg: I don’t care about what he says.

She hasn’t bought that novel yet.

“Did he meet you?” Yes, he met me.

There aren’t any books on the table.

“Has he written a poem?” No, he hasn’t.

Sita doesn’t work here.

“Do they play football?” No, they don’t play football.

She hasn’t written any poems.

Did bina eat anything in the restaurant?

Sabnam wore a blue dress but her sister didn’t.

The negative of ‘He has bought some books’ is ‘He hasn’t bought any books’.

The affirmative of ‘Did she drive a car?’ is ‘She drove a car’.

The interrogative of ‘We cooked food’ is ‘Did we cook food?’

He ate some apples but his brother didn’t eat any.

The negative of ‘Do it now’ is ‘don’t do it now’.

The negative of ‘They always sing nepali songs’ is ‘They never sing nepali songs’.

The affirmative of ‘Did his brother play football yesterday?’ is ‘His brother played football yesterday’.

The interrogative of your friends’ll play basketball tomorrow’ is ‘Will your friends play basketball tomorrow?’

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