Computer Programming in QBASIC

Subject: Computer

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After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Write the elements of QBASIC programming.
  • List the eDescribe the starting and  Advantages of QBASIC.
  • Explain the different statements used in QBASIC.


Computer Programming in QBASIC

QBASIC is the most popular high-level programming language. This note provides an information about computer programming in QBASIC. Learn More

Elements of QBASIC programming

To construct the QBASIC program, we have to arrange some standard elements. This note provides an information about elements of QBASIC programming. Learn More

Statements in QBASIC

A statement is a set of instructions written by using keywords or commands of QBASIC. This note provides an information about different statements used in QBASIC. Learn More

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