Social Problem and Solution

Subject: Social Studies

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Social Problems and Evils

Social evils come in the society when rights of the poor are not given to them. Social evils destroy the economy of the country. Social evil grows because of poverty and unemployment. When people find no source of income then they found only a way of earning through social evils. Social evil grows in the society like a diseased tree that no one has the courage to cut done. Learn More

Causes and Solutions of Social Problems

The main causes of social evils are illiteracy and poverty. There are other factors too that cause many serious problems in our society. Conducting awareness programmes can be the best way to reduce the social evils in our society. Learn More

Role of an Individual, Family and School to prevent Social Problems

The prevention of social problems has to start with the education of people being aware of the severity of the problems. Most communities and organizations do not shed enough light on the issues of preventing the problems. Prevention of social problems benefits individuals and society. Everyone should play important role in the prevention of social problems. Learn More

Peace and Conflict Management

Peace and conflict management is well established in social sciences that identifies and analyses violent and non-violent behaviour. It also leads to more desirable human condition. Peace and conflict management have generally confirmed a broad consensus on the importance of human security, human rights, development, democracy and a rule of law. Learn More

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