Environmental Degradation and Its Conservation

Subject: Science

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Environmental Sanitation and Organization and Agencies Involved in Environmental Conservation

The process of creating a clean, healthy and hygienic environment around us that is important to maintain a healthy life is called environmental sanitation. There are various methods of waste disposal. Various efforts are made by the various organization for the conservation of the environment. This note provides information about organization and agencies involved in environmental conservation. Learn More

Non- Governmental Organization Involved in Environmental Conservation

This note provides information about some important non- governmental organizations that are playing an important role to conserve and promote the environment in Nepal. Learn More

Environmental Degradation and its Conservation

To fulfill the increasing needs and demands of people, the natural resources are being excessively used due to which the natural resources are being degraded. This note provides information about the degradation of natural resources and its effects. Learn More

Natural Disaster

Various events like earthquake, volcano, landslide, flood, etc. occur in nature. This note provides information about earthquake and volcano. Learn More

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