Social Values and Norms

Subject: Civics and Moral Education

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Importance of Social Values and Norms

Social norms are values influences own behaviour to be properly aware about own responsibilities and duities hence implifying them in own personal life developes our capacity to know things better and polishes our personality hence to live easier life happily and systematically one should be known about essence of social norms and values and they are supposed to be followed. Learn More

Let's Give Up Social Misconduct

Different sorts of descrimination arenot inherent by nature they just are the product of society and are self created. Such self creation are degrading understanding between the people. Some kind of serious distance between the human are created and due to such distance children of same home are getting different treatment, member of same society are kept deprived from utilizing their rights and misconduct of social norms and values are being undertaken. Hence, everyone should be ready to give up all such misconduct in order to develop society and manage peace and healthy environment. Learn More

Importance of Our Art and Architecture

Historical heritages are assest of nation which reflects the essence and co-proper glory of different culture of nation. They are to be protected in order to preserve pride of the nation. Its preservation indicates the development of country hence its not the responsibility of a state only to protect it but is the responsibility of whole citizen. Learn More

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