Subject: Civics and Moral Education

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Moral Qualities

The judgment of a distinct individual's stable good characters is called moral qualities. The concept of character can refer a variety of features including the occurrence or lack of virtues such as courage, understanding, determination, honesty, and loyalty or good behaviors or habits. This note has information about moral qualities. Learn More

Healthy Living

Good health is the biggest asset of life which is directly or indirectly related to our health hence we always should pay attention to have good habits of behaving well, maintaining good character and having proper diet in order to be healthy and happy. Good health is guided by good habits and good habits generates good thoughts which safeguards peace of mind hence, for peace of mind and correct position of body sound health is must. Learn More

As You Sow So You Reap

Good work guides person to lead the righteous path where he make different helpful hands to help eachother and makes life easier whereas bad work results the bad consequences and makes life miserable. What person do now whether good or bad comes back to him hence its better to give love, care and kindness to all because as you sow so you reap in the world. Learn More

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