People and Economy of Nepal

Subject: Sociology

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Population size and distribution. Fertility, mortality and migration of the inhabitants of mountain, hill and terai. Pluralism and diversity. Existing subsistence, commercial and industrial economic system in Nepal. Historical process of nationhood and cultural integration


People of Nepal

The population of Nepal is distributed on the basis of different ratios such as age, sex, caste, language, religion and ecological region. Similarly, there are variety of inhabitant on different region such as mountain, hill and terai. This inhabitant of living varies with the determination of fertility, mortality and migration rate. This variation is affected by different natural and environmental context. Along with this diversity, there is a guarantee of the coexistence of such socio-cultural diversity which is called pluralism. Learn More

Economy of Nepal and National Integration

Nepal is least developed nation . The major economic activity of Nepal is agriculture which is not sufficient for the annual income. But recently Nepalese economy is more dependent on the commercial as well as the industrial economy. Commercial development can only take place when there is management of infrastructures like good policy and determination are made. Similarly, industrial development is the major base of national development. Likewise, diversity of Nepal creates its own nationhood through cultural, social and normative integration. The fundamental aspects of the Nepalese economy are : Agriculture Natural Resources Remittance Tourism Foreign Aid and Loan Human Resources Learn More

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