Quantisation of Energy

Subject: Physics

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Thomson's and Rutherford's Atomic Model

Atom is electrically neutral as there is an equal number of positive and negative charges. This note provides us an information on Thomson's and Rutherford's atomic model. Learn More

Bohr Atom Model

In a process of overcoming the defects of Rutherford nuclear model of the atom Neil Bohr proposed new atomic model called Bohr atomic model. This note provides us an information about the Bohr atomic model and Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom Learn More

Hydrogen Spectrum

When an electron jumps from the higher energy state to the lower energy state, the difference of energies of two states is emitted as the radiation of definite frequency which is called spectral line. This note provides us an information on Bohr’s interpretation of the hydrogen spectrum, spectral series of hydrogen atom and energy level diagram of hydrogen atom. Learn More

Excitation and Ionization Energy and Potential

The minimum energy required to excite an electron in the ground state of an atom to any excited state is called excitation energy. This note provides us an information on excitation and ionization energy and potential. Learn More


Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle states that in any simultaneous determination of a pair of complementary variables of a particle, the product of the uncertainties of the variables is greater than and equal to Planck’s constant (h). This note provides us an information on Laser. Learn More

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