Particle Physics and Cosmology

Subject: Physics

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Introduction to Elementary Particles

The branch of physics which deals with property, interaction and structure of elementary particles is called particle physics. This note provides us an information about elementary particles. Learn More

Particles and Antiparticles

A subatomic particle that has the same mass as another particle but opposite value of some other properties is called antiparticle. This note provides us with an information on particles and antiparticles. Learn More

Leptons and Quarks

The leptons are the lightweight elementary particles which do not have strong interactions.This note provides us an information about leptons and quarks. Learn More

The Standard Model and Universe

The theory that describes the properties and structure of the fundamental particles as well on their interactions is called, “The standard Model”. This note provides us an information on the standard model and universe. Learn More

Stellar Evolution, Red Shift and Hubble's Law

For stars like the sun, the gravitational compression will leave the core, composed of protons and electrons, flying around a gas-like phase, called the electron gas. This note provides us an information on stellar evolution, red shift and Hubble's law. Learn More

The Big Bang, Critical Density and Dark Matter

Hubble’s law suggests that at some time in the past, all the matter in the universe was far more concentrated today. This note provides us an information on the big bang, critical density and dark matter. Learn More

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