Magnetic Properties of Materials

Subject: Physics

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Terresterial Magnetism

The quantities needed to specify the earth’s magnetic field at a place completely are called the elements of terrestrial magnetism. This note provides us an information on terrestrial magnetism. Learn More

Dip Circle and Apparent Dip

Dip circle is a device used to measure the angle of dip at a place. The angle made by the needle with the horizontal at this plane is called the apparent dip. This note provides us an information on Dip circle and apparent dip. Learn More

Magnetic Intensity, Permeability and Susceptibility

Magnetic materials are diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials. This note provides us an information on magnetic intensity, permeability and susceptibility Learn More

Classification of Magnetic Material

Those substances which are feebly magnetized in the direction opposite to the applied field are called diamagnetic material.This note provides us an information on classification of magnetic material. Learn More

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