Specialized Reporting

Subject: Mass Communication

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Truth, accuracy and objectivity in reporting about events and issues- Interviews and press conferences,  Specialized reporting- Investigate, sports, crime, development and court reporting


Specialized reporting

Reporting itself an art of gathering information either for investigative or in-depth purpose that is specialized reporting. The major source of information for reporting is an interview, which is the purpose conversation between any two parties who are assigned for the job of asking question and providing answers i.e. interviewer and interviewee. Learn More

Press Conference and Reporting

Another source of information for the reporters of the different beat of journalism such as investigative, crime court, sports and development can be the press conference. As we simply know that press conference is the statement or opinion of a particular institution or an individual about the issues that are of great interest of public. They are followed by two session that is at first questions are being asked by a group of journalists and in another session organized group answers or makes the things clear for the reporters. It is often organized to hide the mistakes, flaws or to publicize certain institution or product. Similarly, different beat of journalism covers their own sort of areas and news stories. And they are conducted with specialized knowledge and expertise. Learn More

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