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Photojournalism indicates photography for journalists’ purpose that is to be published in print media like newspaper or magazines and other online media. It is carried out by the photojournalists who have knowledge on photography and journalism. Such journalist must have the knowledge of handling camera with its certain quality of focus, focal length, sensitivity of light and so on. Only the proper use of camera could capture the better quality picture or images. Those captured picture are used for either photography or news photography purpose.

Photo Journalism

The process of preparing or making pictures by means of the action of light is called photography. The process is done by the mechanical, chemical or digital device known as a camera. A photograph really plays the important role in journalism. Those pictures and images carrying news values have very important place in journalism of photography. Joseph Nicephore Niepce was the inventor of such photography who was from France. Photojournalism is a kind of journalism who is responsible for collecting or capturing those images or pictures which have news value. Those images might be either still or broadcast images in case of some videos.

Photojournalism often carries the principle of timeliness, objectivity, and narrative. As the journalism is concerned with image making photojournalist must have the knowledge of photography and journalism. S/he is responsible for capturing the essence of the event in visual terms. Photojournalists are considered to be the very important person for the newspaper, magazines, television and other online media. They tend to capture the photographs that are interesting informative, educational and entertaining too. They have to work under the pressure as their decision must be taken instantly as per the issues or events. As a result, photojournalism is a really tough job having risk factors. S/he must have the knowledge and skills of using the camera in order to create the visual image that is the great importance of news value. A good photojournalism can only be carried out by those photojournalists who have the sense of curiosity, artistic aptitude, ethical standard and quick thinking and adaptability.

Handling a Camera

In order to obtained images or pictures of a better quality, one must know the art or skills of handling the camera. The handling camera is concerned with focus, aperture of the lens, duration of exposure, focal length and types of lens, the sensitivity of light and so on.

Generally, the camera should be handling with ease and comfort so that it can results in consistently better pictures. When the camera is not focused properly, exposure does not control and focal lengths are not maintained we cannot capture the better images. We should not use force to adjust anything on the camera it is against the rule of handling the camera. Otherwise, we may destroy our images or videos. So, there should be control in the process of handling the camera.

A major objective of easy and smooth handling of the camera is to get sharp, clear and valuable pictures through the clean camera lens. If the lens is not clean then the pictures might appear blurred, hazy and unclear. So, one must wipe the camera lens in order blow away the dirt and dust from lens to click a good pictures or images.

Tips for better pictures

  • First of all, one must select the beat of their interest. They should be prepared for the very subject. Do not select any object in a hurry.
  • One must select the camera lens as per the photographic film. The selected lens must easy and suitable to use.
  • ‘Rule of third’ should be followed if one has to click or captured the pictures with attractive background or scenery.
  • The better composition can create the good and better quality picture and it is not because of luck.
  • Those things which are not needed while capturing the pictures must be removed from the background.
  • Anti lights or more lights might damage the picture. Likewise, one must use a flashlight in the case of not sufficient light.
  • When the picture is movable or not still one should capture the picture from the front or direction of movement.
  • If someone has to take the picture of some occasion or valuable event one must have the patience to wait for it.

Use of Picture

  • The picture should not be copied from any other source without any permission. And it should not be misused those pictures having news value for another purpose.
  • Those pictures collected from another source must be returned back.
  • Only the relevant picture of informative and entertaining values must be delivered in the newspaper or online.
  • The news story must be matched with the captured photographs.
  • Only the sound and gentle pictures must be selected instead of pictures of bloodshed, cuts, wounds, deaths or other violence.
  • Those pictures which encourage the violence, disruption, terrorism and crime should be excluded.
  • Those photos captured by any photojournalists must carry the principle ABC (Accuracy, Balance, and Credibility).
  • Photos should be used in natural ways rather than exploiting it with chemicals or computer technology.
  • One should mention “file photo” in the case of using old photos for new events.
  • One should place the photo in the right place with a suitable caption.

Preparing photos for photography and news photography

Photography can be carried out by any person who has an interest in it. It literally does not need photojournalists. And those who have interests in photography do not necessarily need journalism training, photography skills are enough. They even need to follow the code of ethics and rules rather they can capture the images or pictures as per the interests of clients or consumer. Those pictures and images might be for individual or business purpose. They might or might not write any caption on the photos. Pictures taken by such photographer might be filled with the beauty and attraction.

Such photographer captures the pictures either by staying in the studios or by going to the place of client’s interests. This kind of profession of photography is a job of less risky as it creates the picture of no news value. Photography only prepares photographs and images for the purpose of using or selling them. Such kind of photography began from 1826.

A photographer who has the skills and art of photojournalism capture pictures with news value which is also called news photography. They capture the picture for information, knowledge, entertainment and news importance. News photography is specially carried out by the photojournalist who has knowledge of both photography and journalism. It has its own code of ethics. Pictures taken by such journalist are mainly for news purpose and public interests and they are presented with a suitable caption.

Photojournalist always tries to capture those issues and event which are of news value. Such photojournalist him/herself visits the place of events in order to capture the realistic picture therefore it is the job of risk too. Thus profession of news photography is a business of risks and hurry, photojournalists may also face attacks in a tense situation. Therefore news photography must deal to draw the realistic picture of a news event in order to publish in the new.


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Things to remember
  1. Photos are used in journalism, so it is called photojournalism.
  2. “A picture is worth thousand words”.
  3. Photojournalists must have the knowledge of handling the camera in order to capture the picture of greater news value.
  4. Photographs must be used for the purpose of news, information, entertainment, and reliability or public interests.
  5. While preparing photographs for news photography one should maintain the value of accuracy, balance and credibility.                   
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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