News Editing

Subject: Mass Communication

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Qualities of sub- editor. Steps in copy reading, tips on headline writing, planning a house journal/school magazine, elements of make- up, tips to make- up editors. Editor's job, editorial, news designer comments. News editing for print and electronic media.


News editing

There are two most important aspects of journalism: First reporting and then editing. Reporting is a process of collecting information from the field having news value. From the field reporter tends to gather, select, write and disseminate the news to the newsroom and then it is followed by editing process which is concerned with correction, organization, condensation and improvising of collected materials. Such job of editing is carried out by the different editor as editor-in-chief, executive editor, news editor, sub-editor, beat-editor and proofreader. While editing news, news editor must have the knowledge of writing headlines for print and electronic media followed by attractive layout and makeup. Learn More

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