Broadcast journalism

Subject: Mass Communication

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The era of broadcasting. Nature of radio and TV journalism. Reporting on broadcast media. Editing news copy for Radio and Television. ews bulletin, preparing materials to be broadcast. Introduction to online journalism.


Broadcast journalism

Broadcasting is considered to be the most advanced form of communication. It includes all kind of broadcasting media such as radio, television and online. It is the process of distributing audio or video to a number of recipients. Such broadcast media has different types of journalism such as radio, television and online. It also needs reporting skills which is significantly different and more technical. Editing of broadcast journalism is even more professional to be practices. Learn More

News bulletin

Broadcast media such as radio television and online has their own kind of skills and techniques to prepare news writing. It mostly uses news update which is called news bulletins. Online journalism also uses news bulletins but less than television and radio. The widespread use of internet all over the world created a unique opportunity to create meeting place for both sides in many conflicts. These broadcast media are the aggregates of every news content. Learn More

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