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Concept and important of Agriculture Marketing, Industrial Marketing, E- commerce, Telemarketing and Televised Marketing and Network Marketing


Agricultural Marketing in Nepal

Agriculture sector plays an important role in the economic development of any country. Especially, it is more important for underdeveloped country like Nepal. Agriculture is considered as the backbone of the national economy. Agriculture sectors deal with food grains, cash crops, vegetables, dairy products, horticulture products, etc.Seasonal production is the main feature of agriculture product. Generally, seasonal products are sold in agriculture market by traders. So, warehousing function of agriculture market is considered as one of the essential functions. It is essential to store agro products for regular consumption and distribution. Features of the agriculture market -Production of goods -Distribution of products -Price Determination -Promotion -Nature of the product -Regular demand -Inelastic demand -Predominance of intermediaries Problems of agriculture market in Nepal -Problem of transportation -Lack of storage -Predominance of intermediaries -Lack of promotional activities -Defective measuring equipment -Lack of technical knowledge -Lack of organized market Prospects of agriculture market -Regular supply of agricultural products -Possibility of market expansion -Greater Profit -Increasing demand for product -High export capacity -Increasing farmers motivation -Price Discrimination Learn More

Industrial Marketing in Nepal

Industrial marketing is the marketing of goods and services to the industrial and institutional customers. Industrial and institutional customers include manufacturers, governments, service organization, industrial distributors and other middlemen. Features of industrial marketing -Complex function -Rational buying -Easy to identify prospective customers -Time -consuming activity -Higher volume of business transaction -Shorter distribution channel -Promotional tools used -Profit making Problems of industrial marketing in Nepal -Lack of infrastructure development -Lack of modern technology -Lack of sufficient natural resources -Lack of skilled manpower -Landlocked country -Political instability -Lack of sufficient foreign investment -Lack of innovative capacity Prospects of industrial marketing in Nepal -Diversity of physical geography -Availability of less expensive labor -Enormous water resource -Prospect for extractive industries -Increase demand Learn More

E-commerce and Internet Marketing

The word E-commerce means electronic commerce i.e. to perform commercial activities with the help of electronic media. The terms electronic commerce is used to describe a new online approach to performing traditional functions such as payment and fund transfer, order, entry and processing, invoicing, cargo-tracking, etc.Internet marketing is the process of marketing or selling of goods and services over the internet. With the development of E-commerce and online services, many people do not want to go to the shop or any other commercial places for buying and selling goods and services. There are several features of the e-commerce and some of them are : -Individual communication -No middleman -Data Depository -Need of electronic devices -Good relationship Internet marketing is the process of marketing or selling of goods and services over the internet. There are several features of the internet marketing and some of them are : -Global marketing facility -Less expensive -Makes marketing easier -Provides selection opportunity -Availability of information -Buyer cannot see real product -Direct contact with customers -Data inventory Uses of the internet -Information sources -Communication media -Data Transfer -Advertising the product -Deliver valuable services -Perform E-marketing Learn More

Tele Marketing, Televised Marketing and Network Marketing

Telemarketing is the use of telephone call centers to attract prospects, sell to existing customers and provide service by taking orders and answering questions. This method of marketing is being practiced in big cities of Nepal for selling special types of products.Televised marketing is a kind of direct marketing method. It is used by businesses for selling their product directly to the customers. Features of telephone marketing -Effective means -Flexibility -Fast paced way of marketing -Two way conversation -Reduce selling cost -Increase revenue -Increase customer satisfaction Features of televised marketing - Effective means -One -way conversation -Less flexibility -Create new customer -Mass people get information Problems of televised and telemarketing in Nepal -Lack of knowledge -Lack of means -Poverty -Lack of banking service -Lack of belief -Expensive Prospects of televised and telemarketing marketing -Expansion -Help in fulfilling needs -Encourage Learn More

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