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Carpet is thick and heavy woven or tufted material used to cover the surface of floor of rooms/halls and stairs.Carpets are either handmade or machine made.

Components / Construction of carpetCarpet is thick and heavy woven or tufted material used to cover the surface of the floor of rooms/halls and stairs. It is a decorative item that uplifts the standard of the hotel establishment. It attracts the guest as it comes in various attractive patterns. Carpets are used extensively in all types of the establishment because of their appearance, the safety factor, warmth and sound insulation. The quality of carpet depends not only on the method of manufacture but also on how well the carpet is made, the fibers used the quality of fiber and the density of pile. The carpet that is laid on the floor of required areas helps to retard sound, insulate heat, enhance resiliency and ambiance.

Generally, a carpet has three components. They are:

  • Underlay/ padding:

The underlay of the carpet helps to make it feel soft and cozy. It also helps to withstand the heavy pressure of the materials above it like a sofa, wardrobe, bed, etc. It acts as a shock absorber between the carpet backing and any unevenness in the subfloor, which could cause the carpet to tear. It even protects the carpet from rising dust and dirt. These are made up of plain needle felt material, impregnated felt-rubber foam, rubber foam with jute or polyurethane backing or a combination of needle felt and rubber foam.

  • Backing:

It is the primary and secondary backing of the carpet which is made up of jute and synthetic, which holds the face fiber tightly. The back size is spread in a thin layer over the back of the primary backing and prevents the carpet tufts or loops from shifting o loosening after installation. The secondary backing is the down most part of the carpet which saves from dampness and mildew.

  • Pile:

It is the topmost decorative part of the carpet, which is described as the ‘face’ of the carpet. This is the part of the carpet which can be seen on the surface. The pile may be made up of a blend of fibers or of exclusively synthetic or natural fibers. The pile is frequently cleaned and washed.

Types of Carpet


Carpets are either handmade or machine made. Based on this carpets are classified into two types. The types of carpet are:

  1. Woven Carpet:

Woven carpets are the handmade carpets. Some of the highest quality of carpets is made by weaving method. The foundation and the surface pile of the carpet are woven together by knotting. This results in the sturdy built of the carpet as each surface pile is firmly knotted to the foundation. The knots per square inch are denser. Since it is a hand-made carpet the production process is longer and it is comparatively expensive. It is available in limited sizes and patterns. It cannot be cut into required sizes so in the hotel industry wall to wall carpeting is not possible. It is extensively used in exclusive guest rooms and offices as throw away drugs. The advantages of woven carpet lie in the slight elasticity of the woven backs.

  1. Tufted Carpet:

Tufted are the machine made carpets. These carpets are available in plain or patterned and are made of synthetic fiber blended with wool. The knots per square inch are sparse. The foundation is usually of jute and cotton. 100% synthetic fiber blended with wool are used to make a pile. The tufts are needled into a backing which is made of polypropylene in sheet from but sometimes made of Hessian. The pile is inserted on the pre-woven backing by a series of long needles and the loop is formed. The tufts are locked into place with a skim of latex along the back. The adhesive is used to hold the backing material. It is extensively used for wall to wall carpeting in the hotel establishment.

Equipment required for carpet cleaning

  • Shampoo/ liquid soap
  • Bucket
  • Basin
  • Carpet brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Floor duster
  • Dustbin
  • Dustpan
  • Disinfectant (e.g. Dettol)

Carpet cleaning procedure

Carpet cleaning has a hectic procedure. It should be cleaned on a periodic basis. The common procedure of cleaning carpet is mentioned below:

  • Vacuum the carpet with the help of vacuum cleaner.
  • Make the frothy of shampoo or soap solution.
  • Take the foam with scrubbing brush or carpet brush. Apply on the carpet and scrub gently as soon as possible.
  • Wet the floor duster with disinfectant and wipe the carpet.
  • Dry the carpet with a duster.
  • Leave the carpet for drying for about 24 hours.

Special points for carpet cleaning

Some of the points to be considered while cleaning carpet is:

  • Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is functioning properly.
  • Pay special attention to corners and under edges as dust normally accumulates in such areas.
  • Ensure that the objects such as pins, needles, glass, pieces, etc. are removed with a brush and dust pins first before vacuuming, as these may damage the dust bag.
  • Always check the carpets condition as if it may get damaged by pests and germs.
  • Always keep the nozzle facing downward when on, as small articles like fine garments, jewelry, watches, etc may be sucked in.

Important points while shampooing carpet

carpet shampooing(source:www.bigredcc.com800 × 600)

Carpet shampooing is one the process of carpet cleaning. It is one of the important processes of carpet cleaning which is done on a periodic basis. Carpet shampooing shouldn’t be done regularly as it may damage the carpet. Some of the points to be considered while shampooing carpet is:

  • Roll the carpet and arrange for removing the carpet from the given area (if possible).
  • Then spread out on an open concrete surface with the surface pile facing downward.
  • Beat the carpet thoroughly with a carpet beater.
  • Roll and shift the carpet.
  • Now lay the carpet with the right face facing upward.
  • With a shampoo, machine applies shampoo in a circular motion slowly to work out the foam.
  • Remove the extra foam of the carpet with a carpet brush or use a hydro extractor.


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Things to remember
  1. There are two types of carpet. They are handmade and tufted carpet.
  2. Underlay, backing and pile are three component of carpet.
  3. Carpet shampooing can be done in periodic basis.
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