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Subject: Hotel Management

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Cleaning and Its Equipment

Cleaning is an important task undertaken by housekeeping department in a hotel. Simply cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, dust and germs with the help ho various cleaning equipment and cleaning agent. Learn More

Furniture and Glass / Windows cleaning

Furniture are usually a upholstery item in a hotel which is used in various purposes where s glass and windows are brittle substances used in hotel. Therefore care must be taken while cleaning. Learn More


metals are shiny and hard substance which gets tarnished easily. In hotel industry it is used in various places even as decoration. Learn More


Floor is the bottom-most part of any given room or hotel premises. Floors are readily noticeable and subjected to great deal of wear and tear. Nearly 75% of department’s cost is spent on floor cleaning in hotels. Mopping, scrubbing and buffing are the process of floor cleaning. Learn More


Carpet is thick and heavy woven or tufted material used to cover the surface of floor of rooms/halls and stairs.Carpets are either handmade or machine made. Learn More


In hotel industry, there are various types of room like occupied room, vacant room, out of order room, departure and so on which are categorized as per cleaning or room servicing. A room attendant should be aware about the room and process of cleaning the particular room. Learn More

Room and Spring Cleaning

The bedroom must be cleaned and serviced each day after the check-out of a guest. Spring cleaning refers to the complete or thorough cleaning of a given area or an object. It is carried out at regular intervals based upon the use of an area. As spring cleaning involves a complete overhaul of the rooms, it is appropriate to undertake during slack seasons/ off seasons or very low occupancy periods. Learn More

Stain removal and flower arrangements

Stain refers to a spot, dirty marks or localized discoloration that can be easily distinguished from the surface, material, or medium it is found upon. Stains are caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two dissimilar materials. Flower arrangements is a creative and stimulating art of organizing and grouping together plant materials (flowers, foliage, fruits, twigs, and so on) which often carries a message or a theme. Learn More

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