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Front Desk and Reservation

Front office department is the first departments that are noticed by the guest as soon as they enter into the hotel premises. this note provides detailed information about introduction of front office and reservation. Learn More

Types, Modes and Source of Reservation

it is about the types , procedure, sources, modes of reservation. How the reservation is done and what are the process for reservation. Learn More

Hotel Tariff

Tariff is the rate or charges offered to the guest by the hotel for the use of different facilities and services, during their stay in the hotel Learn More

Modes of Payment

The mode of payment refers to the various methods of payment by which the guest can settle or pay his/her bills in the hotel. There are various method for the payment. Learn More

Visitor Tabular Ledger and Billing System of a Hotel

Visitor tabular ledger (VTL) is the type of ledger which is maintained to keep the up to date record of all charges incurred by the guest during their stay in the hotel. Learn More

Telephone Etiquettes

Telephone can be defined as a machine used for speaking to someone or a verbal mode of distant communication. With advances in technology, telecommunication have become faster and more reliable then compared to any other means of communication Learn More

Letter and Their Types and Part

There are different types of letter and one of them is business letter which are also served as an official document and proof for the future reference, therefore this type of letter must be written to the point with the use of diplomatic words Learn More

Hotel Safety and Security

The security department in a hotel is responsible for maintaining security alarm systems and implementing procedures aimed at protecting the personal property of guest, employees and hotel itself. Hotel security plays a vital role in protecting hotel, guests and employees against wicked activities. Learn More

First Aid Measures

First aid is a simple medical treatment that is given or provided to the injured person on the sport, before consulting a doctor. In case of serious accidents, patients can be taken to the hospital immediately to minimize the risk. In other words it is just a primary medical treatment that is provided to a injured person on the spot. Learn More

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