System Development Concept

Subject: Computer Science

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System, Information System, Types of Information System. System development Life Cycle, Importance and necessity of SDLC. System Development Models and Phase. Concept of System Design Tools


Introduction of Information System

This note is about the System Development Concept, introduction of information system which means an organized relationship among the functioning units or components. System can be categorized as follows physical system, open or closed system, deterministic or probabilistic system and man-made information systems. The word 'system' is derived from the Greek word system, which means an organized relationship among the functioning units or components. Information System is an organized system for the collection, storage, processing, organization and communication of information. Learn More

System Analyst

This note is about the System Analyst, who is a specialist person have the knowledge about the technical aspects of analyzing, designing and implementing computer based system. It also bind the responsibility of system analyst, characteristics of System Analyst. Learn More

System Development Life Cycle

This note is about the System Development Life Cycle and its models like linear model, prototyping model, water fall, RAD model, Incremental model Spiral model. It also includes the steps in the spiral model. Learn More

System Development Procedure

This note is about the Procedure/ Steps during System Development for the better output of the System after the proper procedure and steps are done correctly. It includes the good analyst and proper work fielder to get the success rate of any System Development before making any new system by the system designer. It also describes the different steps needed for the proper development of new system. Learn More

Concept of System Design Tools

This note is about the Concept of System Designing Tools and its example. It includes the System designing tools or modeling technique used in system development like Context Diagrams, Data flow diagrams E-R diagrams. This modeling technique is used for the development of any system before designing the complete system or program. Learn More

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