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Data, Information, Database and DBMS. DBMS objective and model. Design database using DBMS Software.


Introducing to Database and Database Management System

This note is about the Introduction to Database, Database Management System. The database is an organized collection of processed data or information which can be needed in future references. So, these data must be managed and stored correctly. Database Management System is a software that manages the data stored in a database. This is a collection of software which is used to store data, records, process them and obtain desired information. Learn More

Database Models

This note is about the Database models. A database model is a collection of logical constructs used to represent the data structure and the data relationships found within the database. Under the database model, it includes the Conceptual Model and Implementation Model. Under the Conceptual model, it has a One-to-many relationship, Many-to-many relationship and one to one relationship whereas in Implementation model it has the hierarchical database model the network database model the relational database model and The Entity Relationship Database Model. Learn More


This note is about the Normalization of Data which include the three-phase of data normalization like First normalization form, Second Normalization form, Third Normalization, and BoyCodd form. Normalization is the processes of identifying the existence of potential problem called update anomalies (irregularities) in the design of the relational database. Learn More

Database System Environment and Data Security

This note is about the Database System Environment and Data Security. Database system means to an organization of components that define and regulate the collection, storage, management and use of data within a database environment. Data security is a preventive measures for for the protection of data from the unauthorized access, theft, corruption, etc. Learn More

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