Communication and Networking

Subject: Computer Science

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Direction of communication. Purpose of networking. Types of network.Network connecting device.


Computer Network and Communication

This note is about the Computer Network and Communication. It includes the computer network which means the connection between two or more than two computers via cable or without the cable, wirelessly to share their resources. Communication is the process of expressing or transferring information like ideas, views, etc. by speaking, writing and by the use of some other medium. Due to the development of computer networks, it has become easy to communicate. So, the development of computer networks has lead to the development of communication. Learn More

Direction of Communication Flow

This note is about the Direction of Communication flow. The Architecture defines how the computers communicate in these networks like Apple Talk, Peer-to-Peer, and Client Server. It describes the LAN, MAN, and WAN. Learn More

LAN Topologies

This note is about the Local Area Network (LAN) Topology. It includes the different topologies of LAN they are Bus, Ring, Star, Mesh, Cellular, and Hybrid Topologies whereas it also includes the Advantages and Disadvantages of above topologies. Learn More

Communication Transmission Media

This note is about the communication Transmission Media. It defines the several media which include the transmission of data or resources through the physical path through which electrons flow. Here the two methods of communication they are: Wired Transmission Media and Wireless Transmission Media. Learn More

Network Transmission Devices

This note is about the Communication Transmission Devices. Under the Transmission Devices, it includes the Media connectors, Network Interface Boards (NIC), Repeaters and Hubs. It also includes the Internetwork Transmission Devices and Communication Transmission Devices & Techniques. Learn More

Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model

This note is about the Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model which has become the primary architecture for the computer network. It includes the Seven layers that describe how the information transfers through a network medium. Learn More

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