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Antibiotics , Vaccines and Amniocentesis

Introduction to antibiotics,vaccines and Amnocentesis,the chemical subustance produces by microorganism . these susbstances are capable of inhibition of the growth of the organisms ,the antibiotics have different properties however the suitable anitibiotics to use as medicine should be some important properties Learn More

Introduction To Fish Farming

It tell us about the ways and the processes needed for the growth of or the steps of farming of fish he selelction of site and consrtrcution of fish pond must be based on expert plan the selection of site should be nearby source of water which may be stram or river or artesian well or rain water Availablity of cheap agrculture production to feed fish also needs to be considered Transportation facility is a important factor Learn More

Test Tube Baby

Test tube baby is known as In Vitro fertilization developed to over come infertility due to problem of fallopian tube but it turned out that it was succesfull in many other infertilized situations as well the introduction of intracytoplasmic sperm injection address the problem of male infertility to large extent thus for IVM to be successful the donated oocyte can be fertilized in a crucible if fertilization is successful the fertilized egg will transferred into the uterus within which it will develop into embryo Learn More

Tissue and Organ Transplant

transplantation is one of the advarage bio medical techniques , utilizes in the persons having severe burn failure of kidney defect in vision etc and ORgane transplantation it is the transplantation of the whole or partial organ fron one body to another donor site on the patients won body for the porpose of replacing the recipitents damaged Learn More

Introduction Of Poultry Farming

It tell us about the ways and the processes needed for the growth of or the steps of farming of chickens fowls are widely distributed as domesticated animal since times immemorial in twentieth century poultry keeping has becomes an important small scale due to modern need for palatable Learn More

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